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Thank you so much for the video. I made to bouquet for a friends baby shower and everyone loved it. They thought it was professionally made or store bought. Thank you for the lesson and I hope to purchase your videos and tools very soon. My next project is the watermelon basket... wish me luck!

Melanie G. Cain

Thank you very very much for all your tips and videos, I sure enjoy them and I even tried out some of them and they were so gorgeous and my family and friends were so amazed by it, Pls keep me informed of any new tips and videos. Thank you once again.

Arlene Perera 

I always enjoy these tidbits.

Ron Chow 

Hey!!!...thanks for the emails...THEY ARE REALLY HELPING!!!

Sashana Barnes 

It is wonderful.  You were right…I did ooohs and aahhhs with my family. 

Amirtha Jyothy
Madras, India

Hi Nita, Thanks a lot for sending me these free lessons. I am a student of MBA and now my marriage is near so i started carving to get oohhhhs and awwwws from my inlaws.  🙂  Thanks again for such a nice ideas. Thanks to you I just tried the carrot flower for the drinks you taught in the free lesson and it's awesome 🙂

Shahida Umbreen

Thank you, I appreciate all the videos. I am a Culinary student and I've used your carving tips for some of my dishes. The chefs at the school were impressed.

Rosie Tamayo 

Thank you for your video lessons. They are excellent and informative


I made the watermelon cake from your email and it turned out so beautiful, people actually asked what kind of cake it is when I told them it was a watermelon they were amazed. I basically followed your instructions step by step. Thanks again

Lucy Walters 

I signed up on your site a while back and have been receiving emails ever since. I must say I am quite impressed.

Dennis Ryan 

Thank You Nita for all your Tips n Tricks I really enjoy them.

Bill Ballantyne 

I really enjoyed your website and it saved me when I needed the ideas in the nick of time! Thank you.

Sheila Clifton 

I am so surprised at how easy you make it look. I always think I couldn't do that then I listen to you and suddenly it all seems so easy. Your free videos are brilliant. Thank You


Dear Nita, I got free video of bouquet lesson and it was amazingly sooo easy to make.

Shankari Shankari 

THANK YOU VERY MUCH .......I really enjoy to watch your carving just exactly on time for my son's birthday party Im hoping to see more......GOD BLESS YOU AND MORE POWER.

Doris Villarmeae

Thank you for the lesson and video. You are very easy to understand and the use of "laymen terms" works very well for me. I am excited to try my hand at making a fruit bowl. Thanks again, and happy carving!

Dee Jones