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4th of July Free Lessons

Star Spangled Watermelon Bowl

Red White and Blue Carving Watermelon Bowl
This star spangled, red, white and blue, watermelon bowl is perfect for 4th of July parties. And, it can be carved in a variety of different ways. You will find the complete video lesson and instructions for this carved watermelon bowl by clicking the link below.

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To see lots of variations of this watermelon bowl idea carved by readers and students, click the link below. You’ll get some ideas that you might not have thought of. Click Here to See More Watermelon Bowl Ideas

Red, White and Blue Radish Bouquet

Red white and blue radish bouquet
To make a red, white and blue radish bouquet perfect for the 4th of July, use blueberries for the centers instead of yellow squash. This radish flower bouquet lesson will show you how to make the bouquet with the yellow flower centers.

The individual flowers are pretty to use as garnishes as well.

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Patriotic Strawberry Bouquet

White chocolate dipped strawberries
Delight your friends and family with white chocolate dipped strawberries sprinkled with with red, white and blue jimmies or candy stars. This lesson will show you how to make the dipped strawberries and how to decorate them with semi-sweet chocolate. If you use the red, while and blue sprinkles, add them while the white chocolate is still wet. Your friends and family will love them.

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Other Fun Ideas

In addition to the lessons and photos above, you can find lots more  4th of July photos and ideas on my blog. Click on any of the photos below to get more information and photos.

4th of July Food Ideas – American Eagle Platter

Nita Gill on Live TV – San Diego Living

American Eagle Carvings

More Patriotic Watermelon Carvings

Have fun putting these ideas to use. If you want to show off the carvings that you make for the 4th of July, send me your photos in an email.

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