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For Non-Members – How The Membership Works

Thanks for taking the time to look into my membership site. You can join membership by groups of lessons that you choose.

What you are now seeing now on this site is only part of what is available. You can access more when you are a member.

When you come to this site and are not logged in, you will only see one or two lesson categories in the navigation bar. Once you join, you will see all the lessons to which you have memberships.

Click here to sign up get a the free lesson now. You will be able to view a complete lesson presented in 3 videos. You will get a fun easy lesson showing how you can create a lovely daisy bouquet centerpiece using radishes. And, you will be able to see how the lessons in the site work.

When you join as a member by purchasing online lessons, you gain access to complete lessons that you join. The number of lessons available to you expand depending on which lesson or groups of lessons you purchase.

Once you purchase a set of lessons and complete your registration, that set of lessons will show up in your membership site and you will have access to those complete lessons. You will also have continuing access to the free lesson as part of any paid membership. You can find more info on the available lessons in our shop.

For Existing Members Joining Additional Lessons.

If you are an existing member, joining another group of lessons, you will also continue to have access to all the all of the lessons of which you were already a member. The result is that you end up with your own customized site with all the lessons that you have chosen to join.

When you come back to our site later, you will only see the content that is available to anyone visiting the site – until you log in. After you log in, you will instantly see all the lessons that you have purchased. In this way, you get a membership completely custom to you.

If you click on a lesson for which you are not a member, you will be taken to a page that will tell you how to purchase that set of lessons. There you will also find more information what is included in each set of lessons.

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