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Pretty Pumpkin Carving

pumpkin vase with flowers

Carved pumpkins can be used as a flower vase. Click here to leaen more about our basket weave carving lessons.

Pretty pumpkin carving can be enjoyed any time of year that pumpkins are available. And some varieties of pumpkins are available year round. A favorite pumpkin to carve is the Kabocha squash which is also known at Japanese pumpkin.

Want to see a whole bunch of really pretty pumpkin carvings? Take a look here at a some super pretty pumpkins that will inspire you with great ideas.

Free Pretty Pumpkin Carving Lesson

There are many beautiful things that can be made with pretty pumpkin carving. You can make centerpieces with pumpkins carved with flower and leaf patterns. Vegetable flowers can be carved from the flesh of pumpkins and squashes. Various pumpkins and squashes can be carved for use as vases for flower bouquets made from carved vegetables. Vessels or serving bowls and candle holders carved from hard squashes can be another type of pretty pumpkin carving that can be useful as well as beautiful.

pretty pumpkin carving - Heart lanternMy free pumpkin carving video mini-lesson will show you how to create various shades of light and dark when carving a pumpkin lantern. And when you sign in, I will also send you some links to more photos showing varieties of pretty pumpkin carving and Thai style pumpkin carving.
You will have fun exploring the possibilities of Thai style and pretty pumpkin carving.