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Melon Carving Photos

These melon carving photos may give you
some ideas for carvings and displays of your own.

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This first gallery contains melon carving photos of carvings done by Nita. These are the types of melon carvings that you can learn in Nita’s video lessons. Click on any photo to see the enlarged photo with a description revealing in which lesson various carving techniques are taught. (If you click on the slide show, you won’t see the descriptions).

Click on #2 to see more photos in each of these photo galleries.

More Melon Carving Photos and Ideas

Below are more melon carving photos, many carved by Nita while others are photos taken by Nita at carving events. (Those carved by Nita are indicated in the description). This will serve to give you more carving ideas of your own.

Click on any photo to see the enlarged photo with it’s description.


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You’ve heard it said that a photo is worth a thousand words. If that is true, then video with audio instructions, is worth a thousand pictures… or a million words. If you have enjoyed these melon carving photos, then you will love my melon carving video lessons.