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How to Carve Letters and Words

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Watermelon Carving Words and Letters 1, 2 and 3The ability to carve letters and words is one of the most versatile vegetable and fruit carving skills that you can have. It enables you to delight and honor your friends, family and clients with personalized carved watermelons, pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables for any celebration. Watermelons carved with letters, words and phrases are perfect for making centerpieces and buffet table arrangements for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries,  or any other special event with a guest of honor.

These lessons are intended for anyone interested in fruit and vegetable carving from brand new beginners to experienced carvers who want to add this type of carving to their set of skills.

I can’t tell you how much you’re work and dvds have inspired me. Thank you for leading the way in carving and teaching me (virtually of course) so much.
Have a wonderful day,
Patrick O’Brien – North Carolina

The photography is great and your step-by-step instructions are wonderful. I like that you share not only your successes but your snafoos as well. Telling us how to turn a mistake into a success gives us confidence….Your video instructions are the best & I’ll be watching the lesson over and over again.

Essential Letter Carving Taught in this Video Lesson

Essential Letter Carving Taught in this Video Lesson

The skills that you will learn in this lesson can be applied to carving all sorts of graphic designs as well. This is super useful when you want to carve logos  for corporate meetings or charity events. You can also have fun carving graphic designs and cartoon characters to suit any party theme.

These same skills will translate to carving words and letters (as well as graphics and logos) on pumpkins and other fruits and vegetables. You’ll have fun experimenting will the all the possibilities. (Think firm papayas, and mangoes, zucchini, butternut squash, or any fruit or vegetable where the color of the skin contrasts with the color of the flesh).

Watermelon Carving – Carving Letters and Words #1 Essential Techniques video lesson will show exactly how, step by step to how to carve letters and words onto watermelons. There is 1 hour and 53 minute of clear, easy to follow instructions.

Here is some of what you will learn:
carving cursive fonts

  • Selecting Your Watermelons
  • Essential Tools Needed
  • Additional Highly Recommended Tools
  • Planning Your Letter Carving
  • Positioning Your Melon for Best Carving
  • Several Ways to Adhere Your Pattern
  • Several Ways to Transfer Your Pattern
  • Biggest Secret to Successful Fruit Carving
  • Hand Position for Accurate Carving – Important
  • Techniques for Accurately Removing Rind Around Letters
  • How to Effectively Carve and Smooth Your Backgrounds
  • Bad Habit to Avoid
  • Common Mistakes, How to Avoid, How to Fix
  • How to “Fancy Up” Plain Letters
  • How to Store Your Carvings so that they will look their best when time to display.
  • Arranging a Beautiful Display
  • Simple, Secret Ways to Securely Position Your Melons For Display – that you can always easily change if you change your mind.

Watermelon Carving – Carving Letters and Words #2 Making Patterns will teach you how to create professional looking carvings in 1 hour and 55 minutes of step-by-step instructions. You’ll Learn:

  • How to make your own patterns using several different free and easy software programs.
  • How to plan your carving
  • Which fonts are great for carving
  • How to use the Transfer Pattern Paper for faster, easier more accurate carving
  • How to use 2 more commonly available software programs for making patterns.
  • Secrets to successfully carving cursive and fine fonts.

Watermelon Carving – Carving Letters and Words #3 – Pumpkins and Graphics

With your new pumpkin carving skills, Autumn may before your favorite time of year for creative fun. Here is what you will learn in the third set of lessons that contain 1 hour and 20 minutes of step-by-step instructions.

  • How to make professional looking carvings on pumpkins.
  • How to carve graphic designs
  • How to use the time saving Pattern Transfer Fabric
  • When to use the Pattern Transfer Fabric versus the Pattern Transfer Paper
  • In what order to carve your letters and designs for best results
  • Making repairs to carvings if needed
  • How to light your pumpkin for best looking effect.
  • Storing your carved pumpkins and what to do to make them last as long as possible, even up to 11 days.

pumpkins carved with words and graphics

If you have seen my other melon carving video instructions, you are already familiar with the quality and detail of my video lessons. You will get a clearer more close up view than having a front row seat in a live class. You’ll get clear detailed instructions and explanations. You’ll never miss out on any of the instructions (as can happen in live classes) and you can always play back your video to refresh your memory. Chapters make it easy to find the exact instructions that you may want to review.

Hello Nita, I want to thank you for your videos and lessons, I have learn a lot. I have been carving for some time now, and I found that your lessons are very informative, I found specially helpful when you include some “mistakes” that can happen and how to fix them 🙂 
Yolanda Diaz – Florida

I just started fruit carving and I am enjoying it very much. I accidentally stumbled upon your videos and just love your approach and explanations. You are an absolute inspiration.

Thank you very much again for helping me. I enjoy watching your videos and looking forward to learn more from your other DVDs.

Kind regards,

Rowena Kit Yee Tam – United Kingdom

Carve Letters and Words Right Now with Our Online Lessons

This Carving Words and Letters video lesson is on DVD. You will also get ONLINE ACCESS as well so that you can start learning before your DVD arrives in the mail.

In both the DVD and the online lessons, the chapters are clearly marked in sections so that you can easily find and review any chapter at any time. And there is no expiration date for the online video.

There are  few specialized tools you will need for this lesson. You will need one medium small V-cutter and a Thai Pro Knife. If you don’t already have them, you can add the tools to your lesson after you click the button to add this lesson to your cart.

Once you know how to carve letters and words, you can also carve sorts of graphic designs and logos.

You will enjoy expressing your creativity with carving letters and words. Especially since the same techniques can be used for carving graphics and logos, too. You are sure to hear ooohhs, aaaahhhs and WOWs. And, like many of my students have experienced, once people start seeing what you can carve, some will be asking you to carve for their events, too.

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Carving Letters and Words #1, #2, and #3
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P.S. Ooohs and Aaaahs are guaranteed. If you are not absolutely thrilled with the clarity of my lessons teaching how to carve letters and words,and the responses that you get from your friends family and guests, I will refund your money in full. That’s right, you’ve got no risk at all. If you don’t like my course, return within a 60 days and I will refund you in full.

60 day moneyback guarantee
Go ahead and get started carving letters and words. You will be hearing ooohhs and aaaahhs soon.

I Look forward to “seeing” you in the lessons.


Thank you…for the fun and easy way you teach your lessons. Rose Flores – California

Your videos are the best, and I like the fact your took all the guess work out … very informational.
Deborah Beeler – Iowa

I thank You for all that you … taught in these easy to follow demonstrations…I do get the WOW’sand OMG!!! , and more with the displays. I give away most to very grateful people. And lastly, thank you for making mistakes, I learn from them.
The DVD’s are such a great idea as I refer to them for a refresher course.
Blessings Sue Bettridge – Australia

…the videos are very very helpful and very informative!! thanks for the great lessons Nita!!
Warm regards
Laura Maguire – South Africa