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Fruit and Vegetable Carving…The Easy Way!

Nita's Fruit and Vegetable Carving

You can learn to carve fruits and vegetables like these with Nita’s video lessons

Are you looking to learn fruit and vegetable carving? Did you just stumble upon this page? Either way, you’ve come to the right place if you are curious and want to learn more about the art of fruit and vegetable carving.

On my website you’ll find some free easy lessons and you’ll see lots of idea inspiring photos. If you choose to, you can purchase a whole fruit and vegetable carving course or individual detailed step-by-step lessons. On my site, you will also find the necessary and hard-to-find carving tools and knives. There are lots of resources here on our website.

I kind of stumbled upon the art of fruit and vegetable carving myself. It’s kind of odd, or unusual, but I learned about fruit and vegetable carving because I liked to bake.

For as long as I can remember, I have always liked to bake. I mostly liked to bake cookies and cakes when I was very young. As I grew up I learned to bake pies, biscuits, scones, custards and souffles. But cookies and cakes remained my favorite things to bake. I enjoyed making and decorating cakes to honor loved ones on their birthdays. But then one birthday came up where a ‘normal’ cake wouldn’t fit the occasion.

I had to come up with something different.

How Cancer Led Me to Fruit and Vegetable Carving.

Not all that long ago, my sister-in-law’s birthday was coming up. She had recently changed her diet, rather drastically in an effort to improve here health. She was experiencing a health issue involving cancer. She was no longer eating anything with flour, sugar, or butter. A real cake was out of the question. She was still able to eat vegetables and a few select types of fruit.

Watermelon Birthday Cake

Nita’s First Watermelon Birthday Cake

She had been to her daughter’s house to celebrate her birthday earlier in the week. Her favorite cake had been made for the celebration – a pineapple upside down cake. Rosemary was pleased that her favorite cake was there but felt a bit deprived because she was unable to eat any of it.

At this point in time, I had no knowledge or experience of fruit and vegetable carving. I wanted my sister-in-law be able to enjoy eating her “birthday cake” even though I could not make her a traditional cake.

Before she came over for dinner, I started my first watermelon carving experiment.  I made her a watermelon cake.

I cut a thick slice of watermelon in the shape of a cake. I then used half rings of sliced canned pineapple as swags to decorate sides of the cake shaped watermelon. I decorated the top with honeydew melon balls and stuck candles in the top. I placed it on a pretty footed cake plate, lit the candles and brought it into the dining room where everyone was waiting. My watermelon cake got positive reactions right away. There was oooing and aaaahhing and laughing and smiling. It really was a hit.

My sister-in-law felt honored and happy. She took photos of it that she later showed to her friends. On numerous occasions during the following months, she told friends and showed off her photos of my first watermelon carving watermelon cake.

Carved watermelon cakes

Nita’s cakes carved from watermelons

After that I started thinking that there must be others who are unable to eat cake and would like to know about making a watermelon cake. When I started searching about on the internet I began to discover this whole amazing world. Some of that amazing fruit and vegetable carving that I saw online made my humble birthday cake seem so simple. (It is.)

More about Watermelon Cakes

So, that was when I set out to learn fruit and vegetable carving. I made plenty of mistakes and wasted too much money on carving books, knives and tools that were disappointing and if some cases downright lousy. That is a whole other story that you can read about here.

Honeydew Melon Carvings

These honeydew carvings are easier to learn than you might think when Nita shows you how.

Since my first simple “watermelon cake” I’ve learned quite a bit about fruit and vegetable carving. I really enjoy the process of fruit and vegetable carving. I love the creative satisfaction of turning common fruits and vegetables into lovely works of art.  And I enjoy hearing all the ooohhs, aaaahs and compliments over my fruit and vegetable carvings. And I have made a few other watermelon cakes.

I’ve also been honored to have served as a judge at the U.S. National Collegiate Championships for fruit and vegetable carving and have been pleased to win awards in carving competitions as well. I also serve of the board of the World Food Sculptors Association.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving is Easy to Learn When You Are Shown How.

I’ve spread the joy of carving to others all over the world by teaching others fruit and vegetable carving through my online video lessons and DVDs. I love reading the enthusiastic emails I receive from my students. They write to me about their successes and send me photos of their work. I especially enjoy hearing about all the attention and oooohhs and aaaahhs they receive! Here is what one student had to say;

“Not only did i thoroughly enjoy the video lesson, applying what I learned the very next day; But was overwhelmed by the response of my family when I took two of my first creations to our  Christmas dinner last night! Everyone was amazed!! They couldn’t believe that the roses were made from turnips and beets!! The cameras were flashing all night!

Judy's vegetable carvings

Judy Bralley’s first carved roses after watching Nita’s Hearts and Roses lessons.

I am thrilled with my first attempt!

Anyway, just a report from one satisfied student (I don’t consider myself just a customer)!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Again, Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Judy Bralley
Covington, Georgia

I gear my lessons to show you how to carve and what tools and necessary so that you will learn easily without the time and money that I spent trying to learn be trial and failure.

So my discovery of fruit and vegetable carving has been a real joy. I’m am continually inspired to learn more and to share my love of carving with others through my blog, my video lessons and who knows what’s next…wait and see. When you sign it below below, I’ll keep you posted.

You can learn more about my Hearts and Roses video lessons here. Before you do, you may want to get the full free lesson that I offer below.

When you sign in you will get instant access to a complete free video online lesson. It is a complete lesson showing how to make a beautiful bouquet from radishes. And, don’t worry, signing up for this free lesson will NOT obligate your to make payments or cancel a membership of any kind. It simply will show you a free lesson so that you can see if you like the idea of learning to carve fruit and to see if you like my style of teaching. You’ll see how ordinary vegetables can easily be turned into a beautiful centerpiece. So go ahead and sign in. You have nothing to lose and only fruit and vegetable carving fun to gain….as well as lots of oooss aaaahhhhs and compliments.


You can be on your way to experiencing the joy of fruit and vegetable carving right now.