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Create a Fruit Bouquet…The Easy Way

A Do It Yourself Fruit Bouquet. Serve fruit in a more exciting, visually appealing way by making a fruit bouquet. Bouquets of vegetables can be equally attractive and tasty, too. Either way, they can be used as lovely centerpieces.

a fruit bouquet and a vegetable bouquetAlthough you can purchase ready made fruit bouquets, it’s fun to make them yourself. When you make your own fruit bouquet, not only can you save a bunch of money, but you can select the type of fruits used and make sure that they are fresh and ripe so that your bouquet is the sweetest and tastiest it can be. No overripe or sour fruits. And, best of all, the recipient of your bouquet will feel honored that you took the time to create a beautiful fruit flower bouquet for them.

Fruit bouquets are really quite easy to make yourself. And, you are bound to hear exclamations of delight when you bring them to parties or potlucks.

Sometimes a fresh fruit bouquet will have a variety of fruits and some of those fruits can dipped in chocolate or other candy coating. Watch the video below to see how easy it is to make chocolate covered strawberries that will look great.

For more variety, fruit bouquets can be assembled with dried fruits, candy covered dried fruits and even vegetables. Vegetable bouquets can be an impressive substitute for an ordinary platter of dipping veggies.

You can learn how to make an easy bouquet by watching my free lesson that shows how to make a pretty flower bouquet from radishes. Just sign in at the top left hand section of this page to get instant access to your free lesson.

Fruit Bouquet made by Najlaa Al Sayigh

Fruit Bouquet by Najlaa Al Sayigh after watching Nita’s free instructional video

You might think that you want to make a fruit bouquet, not a radish bouquet. Well, the truth is that the same techniques taught in my free lesson can be used to make gorgeous, colorful bouquets, too.

Just look at this beautiful fruit creation that one of my student /customers Najlaa-Al-Sayigh made after she viewed my free lesson.

Najlaa used the same techniques taught in the free radish flower bouquet lesson to make this strikingly colorful bouquet of strawberries, kiwis, grapes and more. She experimented with different kinds of centers. Look how beautiful her bouquet turned out!

With the easy step-by-step instructions in my free video lesson, imagine the lovely fruit creations that YOU can create for your next party, brunch or potluck.

Lots of people who have watched my free radish bouquet lesson have written me enthusiastic emails and have sent me photos of their edible fruit and vegetable bouquets.

Here is what a few of them have had to say.

Thank you so much for the video. I made the bouquet for a friends baby shower and everyone loved it. They thought it was professionally made or store bought. Thank you for the lesson.
My next project is the watermelon basket… wish me luck!
Melanie G. Cain”

Sharron Nickerson made this Radish Bouquet after seeing Nita's free lesson

Sharron Nickerson made this radish bouquet for a backyard wedding after watching Nita’s free lesson.

“Hi Nita,

My fruit and veggie appetizers display turned out awesome. No one could believe it was my first one. I have done smaller bouquets but nothing on this scale. The watermelon and Radish bouquets were the favorites.

It was a big hit at the wedding in my back yard.

Thanks Sharron”

Add Chocolate Covered Strawberries to Your Fruit Bouquet.

Bouquets can include chocolate covered strawberries and other fruits. I’ll show you how to make these easily. Just watch the following video.

For more variety, you can dip your favorite dried fruits in chocolate as well. Plump dried Turkish apricots are a great addition.

If you prefer White chocolate, you can use white chocolate chips, white candy morsels or white candy coating. You can find white candy coating for your in cake decorating supply stores, cooking shops, or at craft stores like Michael’s that carry baking supplies. Candy coating come in a variety of colors, so you can candy coat the fruit in your bouquets with whatever colors are appropriate for your event. And, if you want different flavors, you can add the flavor extract of your choice to your melted candy coating.

“Dear Nita
I got free video of bouquet lesson and it was amazingly sooo easy
to make.
Shankari Shankari”

“It is wonderful! You were right…I did get ooohs and aahhhs with my family.
Amirthajyothy Madras, India”

Adding a Decorative Touch to Your Strawberries for Your Fruit Bouquet

If you’d like to add an easy decorative touch to your chocolate covered strawberries without needing any special tools, watch this quick video mini-lesson.

Another festive way to decorate your chocolate covered strawberries for your edible bouquet is to sprinkle them with colorful candy jimmys – you know, those colorful candy sprinkles. You can get them in all kinds of shapes and colors anywhere that baking supplies are sold.

Think Variety – Your Fruit Bouquet Can be Made with Vegetables, too.

Fruit Bouquets can be made in many different styles, large or small, with different kinds of vases. You can make your own ‘vases’ from carved melons or squashes. You can even carve fruits and vegetable to add to your bouquets. You can learn how to make several different types of fruit and vegetable bouquets as well as carved fruit and vegetable flowers in my 11 Week Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Video Course for Beginners.

Bouquets will surprise and delight your guests. Consider bringing them to potlucks or giving them as gifts. You’ll be hearing compliments and exclamations of delight from those who see your beautiful bouquet.

If you think it looks even a little bit difficult, see what Geraldine had to say;

“I am so surprised at how easy you make it look. I always think I couldn’t do that then I listen to you and suddenly it all seems so easy. Your free videos are brilliant.
Thank You
Geraldine “

I hope you’ve had some fun and gotten some inspiration from these videos and photos. To learn how to make a lovely flower bouquet from radishes, (which you can also make from fruits like Najlaa did in the photo above), get my free lesson that you will find on the top left hand section of this page. Enjoy creating your own fruit bouquet!