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There is an amazing variety of food art in this big wonderful world. People are endlessly creative. You will find all kinds of astonishing food art throughout my blog.

In this article, I’ll be showing you a variety of arts including Fruit and Vegetable Food Art, Food Landscapes, Chinese Sugar Painting, Coffee Latte Art, Butter Sculpture, Watermelon Cakes, and Chocolate food art.

Fruit and Vegetable Food Art


Nita’s Under Sea Garden Carved from Fruits and Vegetables took 1st Prize in a competition.

My favorite type of food art is Fruit and Vegetable Carving. That is what this site is about. I love carving fruit for many reasons. The carvings can all be functional and edible and as simple as garnishes to embellish a plate, or they can be elaborate and purely decorative centerpieces to dress up any celebration.

Carving vegetables and fruit is practiced by people in all walks of life from retirees to surgeons. Some are chefs, caterers and food professionals but many, many others are people who enjoy carving as a hobby. Personally, I find it relaxing and almost meditative to sit quietly and enjoy the process of carving. I hear the same from many of my students and friends who carve.

Nita with Watermelon Cake

Nita with one of her carved Watermelon Cakes taught in her Watermelon Cakes video lessons.

No matter if the person doing the carver is a chef or home cook, fruit and vegetable carvings are usually received with surprise and delight from family, friends and guests. I get countless emails telling me all about the ooohhhs and aaaaahhs my students have gotten with their carvings.

Easy Chili Pepper Garnishes

Easy Chili Pepper Garnishes taught in Nita’s Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

Fruit and Vegetable Carving truly is a food art that anyone can enjoy. It’s easier than it looks, once you are shown how. The tools are not expensive and the carving materials – everyday produce – are easily available. It’s a perfect, low cost, easy entry hobby.

I teach how to carve fruits and vegetables in my video lessons that give clear step-by-step instructions.  I also have the necessary and hard to find tools available for sale here on my site.

If you really get excited about carving fruit, there are competitions to complete in all over the world. And, one of the best things about competing is getting to learn from other food carving artists.

To get started learning how to carve fruits and vegetables, sign in for the FREE LESSON on this page.


Dear Nita,
I got the free video of bouquet lesson and it was amazingly sooo easy to make. Thanks – Shankari

Thank you so much for the video. I made the bouquet for a friends baby shower and everyone loved it. They thought it was professionally made or store bought. Thank you for the lesson.
Melanie G. Cain

Now, let’s proceed to some other types or food art.

Food Art Landscapes

One of the most impressive types that I’ve seen are the food landscapes of Carl Warner. These are nothing short of amazing! Carl’s food landscapes take day to plan, create, light and photograph. In his creations fish may become water, and fruit may become fish. Carl Warner’s art landscape creations are truly remarkable.

There are so many ingredients in this harbor seascape that it’s hard to see them all. Look for the oysters, lobsters, crabs,  mussels, scallops and cockles, pollack and clams. There are also salmon , sprats, sea bass, herring , mackerel, and whitebait… and some vegetables too.

Food Art Seascapes by Carl Warner

Food Art Seascapes by Carl Warner

When you really look at Carls’ Food Landscapes, it becomes a bit like playing the game in the children’s books “Where’s Waldo”. There are so many elements to look at.

In the picture above and on the right can you find the melons, mangoes, limes, pineapples, coconuts, passion fruit, lychees, kumquats, and lemons – those are just in the island!

You can see more of Carl Warner’s food landscapes here.

Coffee Latte Food Art

What’s coffee art, you might ask? Maybe it should be called cappuccino art or latte art. It’s when the coffee and milk are poured together to create a graphic design on the surface. Sometimes chocolate or caramel are squeezed from bottle so add additional color to the pattern. These are created quickly and are yummy, too. You can see a coffee artist in the video below.

To see some really amazing latte portraits click here.

Coffee Portrait by Mike Breach

Coffee Portrait by Mike Breach. Click on the photo to see more latte food art.

Chinese Sugar Painting Food Art

Another quickly made yet still impressive art creation is the sugar painting performed by street vendors in China. Street artist have their simple burners with heated sugar and create artfully drawn sugar designs which they then attach to a stick they makes it like a lovely and intricate lollipop. The audience enjoys watching the artist and the kids are delighted with their fancy edible food on a stick.

sugar painting food art

Chinese sugar painting

Now that food art is a fancy sweet treat, too pretty to eat.

Butter Sculpture Food Art

Butter sculpture is can be seen at state fairs across the USA including Pennsylvania, Ohio, Iowa, Indiana, Texas and Minnesota. the size and detail of butter sculptures can be quite remarkable.

This elaborate life sized food art butter sculpture was created by artist Jim Victor. Sculptures can take Jim up to a month to craft in his special workshop. They are kept to a temperature of just under 13 degrees to ensure butter doesn’t melt.

food art butter sculpture by Jim Victor

food art butter sculpture by Jim Victor


Decorating chocolate and cake is much more commonly seen all over the world than butter sculpture, sugar painting, coffee art and even fruit and vegetable carving. Although you are undoubtedly familiar with cake decoration seen at birthdays, weddings and other celebrations, you might never have seen cakes carves from watermelons.

Watermelon Cakes

Nita's watermelon cakes

Click the photo to see how you can learn to make eye catching watermelon cakes.


Watermelon cakes are a healthy alternative to traditional cakes that are made of high calorie, high fat butters and oils and refined sugars. Traditional cakes, as beautiful and tasty as they are, also contain flours that are full of gluten. And more and more people are discovering that they are allergic to glutens.

By contrast, Watermelon cakes are fat free, gluten free and contain  only natural fruit sugar. These are ‘cakes’ that some diabetics and people on gluten free diets can enjoy.

Cakes made of watermelon are a surprising and beautiful way to replace traditional cakes. These are only a few types of watermelon cakes that you can make. I teach how to make these in my Watermelon Cakes video lessons.

Chocolate Art in Action

Chocolate art is common almost everywhere. Still it’s entertaining to see how easily a skilled chocolate chef can create a variety of chocolate twirls, tubes and other chocolate garnishes. This short video shows a chocolate artist in action.

chocolate food art

To see some truly astonishing chocolate food art visit my blog post about the Culinary Olympics.

The Food Art of Fruit and Vegetable Carving.

Nita's Vegetable Flower Arrangement

Nita’s Vegetable Flower Arrangement

Getting back to the beautiful art of fruit and vegetable carving…. This website is full of great examples of amazing fruit and vegetable carving from simple garnishes to elaborate watermelon carvings done by professional fruit and vegetable food artists and beginning students. You will find tons of ideas on our blog. Feel free to look around.

Here on my site,  you will also find a variety of fruit and vegetable carving video lessons for carvers of various skill levels. The necessary fruit and vegetable carving tools are also available here on this website in our shop.

Have fun exploring our shop. But, before you visit our shop, make sure to sign in for your free lesson.

Get Your Free Vegetable Carving Lesson Now.

To start learning how to carve vegetables and fruits, sign in for my easy free lesson showing you exactly how, step-by-step to make a lovely flower bouquet centerpiece from radishes.

Go ahead and get started. You’ve go nothing to lose and lots of creative fun to gain…not to mention the ooohs and aaaahs you are bound to get.

Radish Flowers and Bouquet taught in Nita's Free Lesson

Easy Radish Flowers and Bouquet taught in Nita’s Free Lesson

“After watching your video I was inspired to make a centerpiece for my friend’s party. Everyone kept asking as in disbelief, “”You made that?””
Thanks for the inspiration for creativity.”
Sheila Price


My blog also contains all sorts of really cool unusual food arts, like edible fashion, edible dresses, salt art, pizza portraits and more. Don’t you just love food art?