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Carve Yam and Turnip Flowers Using Corrugated U-Cutters

Step-by-step video instructions show you how to make flowers from yams, turnips and jicama.

Even from the very first time that I made these flowers to bring to a Thanksgiving Dinner, I always get ooohs and aaaahs over these intricate looking flowers. And they are easier to make than you might think. Once you know how, you’ll see how easy they are. These same techniques can be used for carving other root vegetables.

Here is a quick 44 second video that will show you some of what you will learn. Just click the play button.

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In this 43 minute video lesson, five different variations are demonstrated using Corrugated U-Cutter fruit carving tools. The same flower designs can be carved with other root vegetables like daikon, beets, sweet potatoes, purple potatoes and (fat) carrots. Variations can be made using the optional U and V Smooth Cutters. You will need the Corrugated U-Cutters for this lesson. The Smooth U-V tools are optional.

Variations of yam and turnip flower

You will also learn how to carve 4 variations of leaves from cucumbers. The same patterns of leaves can be make with apples, carrots, cabbage and squashes.

yam and turnip flowers

You’ll assemble a yam and turnip flower bouquet and you’ll learn how to carve easy eaves.

Then you will learn how to assemble them into a lovely bouquet.

You can use a paring knife to make the leaves but a fruit carving knife makes the job easier.

Get started carving Yam and Turnip Flowers now and you’ll soon be getting ooohs and aaahhhhs from YOUR delighted guests.

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These lessons are delivered on DVD with online access so that you can start carving right away.

The Yam and Turnip Flower lessons are included as one of the lesson sets when you join our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101, eleven week Online Course.

To make these flowers yourself, you will need corrugated U-cutters.

Optional tools to have on hand are smooth U and V cutters and a fruit carving knife or birds beak knife. The Shopping page that carries all of these tools.
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