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Winners of the Thai Carving Competition

Here are the winners of the Thai Carving competition that took place in Los Angeles, California on May 21st, 2016. You can get a closer look at the stunningly beautiful carving arrangements created by the winners. You’ll also see the other competitors’ gorgeous entries from the Professional Division as well as the winners of the Amateur division.

Professional Division

Professional Division winners of the Thai Carving Competition

Flyer of competitor and winners of the Thai Carving Competition provided by the contest organizers, Thai Health and Information Services. NOTE: Yolanda Bias is actually Yolanda Diaz. You can click to see a higher resolution image of this flyer.

First Prize Winner

1st price winner of Thai carving competition

Here is a closer look at the 1st Prize winning entry by Catalina Feng.

1st place winner Catalina Feng

Catalina Feng (center) won the first prize of a trip to Thailand!

Second Prize Winner

2nd place winner of Thai competition Yolanda

This “Windows to Thailand” entry created by Yolanda Diaz won 2nd place.

Yolanda Diaz, who won the grand prize in last year’s competition, provided all of these photos that give us a closer look at the competition entries. She also told me a bit about her entry and her experience at the competition.

The theme of the competition was ” The Blooms and Flight of Summer” so flowers and birds or butterflies were required in our composition. My piece was my idea of a “window to Thailand” so I add a map of Thailand in my watermelon and add some birds and a hummingbird to it.
– Yolanda Diaz

Thai competition 2nd place winner Yolanda Diaz

Yolanda is a customer of mine and now a friend via email.  Thanks to Yolanda, you get to see all of these beautiful carvings because she provided all of the photos that give us a closer look at these competition entries.

Third Prize Winner

3rd palce winner - Nujarin Whitman

My friend and fellow carver (we learned together from the same teachers) Nujarin Whitman won 3rd place.

Other Entries in the Professional Division


Carving arrangement by Watchara Thamkaew. Watchara won second place in last year’s competition.

Competition entry by Lincoln Bias

Competition entry by Lincoln Bias.


This lovely bird arrangement was created by Laura Lynn. Laura’s arrangement is larger than shown is this photo. You can get a better sense of the scale of this piece by looking at the photo is in the Profession Division flyer at the top of this page.

Thai competition entry by Laura Lynn

Here is a closer look at the carved bird in Laura Lynn’s entry.

Aren’t all of these carving arrangements beautiful?! I think so. Clearly, a lot of thought, effort, creativity and skill went into each of these lovely designs.

Amateur Division Winners of the Thai Carving Competition

Amateur Division Winners of the Thai Carving Competition

You can click to see a higher resolution .pdf of this flyer.

First Place winner of Amateur division -Amornrat Chaiyakam

Amornrat Chaiyakam won first place in the Amateur Division

What Last Year’s Grand Prize Winner of the Professional Division Had to Say

Here is some of what Yolana Diaz had to say about participating in this competition for the second time. In last year’s competition, she won the first prize trip to Thailand.

Hello Nita, The competition went really well, we had great time. I did compete and got second place ?I was hoping I got a chance to go back to Thailand (and almost did) but at the same time I wish for others to experience what I did last year on my trip there. So I was really happy for the girl who won, she is an amazing carver, her piece was very detail. It was 9 of us on the professional level and 6 on the amateur level. Also, I had the opportunity to meet other carvers…
This competition to me is amazing, because is different from the ACF competition format, the Thai community is trying to show to others some of their culture through their carvings; so is nice to see some of them smiling at you and telling you ” you carve so good almost like a Thai” ? so it may not be the biggest contest out there, but this people do it with great pride and with a very warm heart; and that is what is all about, to go there and show your love for this wonderful art of fruit carving.

I wish we could get more people involved in this competition , because is fun, and because the Thai community feel so proud of there culture, that it should be exposed more. By the way, my trip to Thailand was Fantastic, one of a lifetime experience. Got to visit many places, had the privilege of taking a carving class with a master carver at the imperial palace, took also 2 days classes with (another excellent carver), eat a lot, ride an elephant, eat, eat, eat ? Have you ever been there? Is an amazing place .Well again thanks, and I hope I get to meet you soon. Yolanda

You can see from what Yolanda wrote that this is still a rather small competition that gives you the wonderful opportunity of winning a trip to Thailand.

Will You Participate Next Year?

Last year, Yolana decided to step out of her comfort zone to travel to LA. She didn’t know where the funds for the travel would come from and had never driven in LA traffic. But it all came together, she went, and she won the Grand Prize trip to Thailand! You can read her inspiring story here.

If this competition takes place next year, maybe you will want to join in the fun.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing the competitors and winners of the Thai Carving Competition. A big thank you goes out to Nongyao Varanond, at Thai Health and Information Services for providing the flyers with the winner information and to Yolana Diaz for providing us with great photos of the entries.

To see one more flyer of photos from the competition day, click here.

P.S. and I are not the organizer of this event. I’m simply sharing it for your enjoyment.

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