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Why Carve Fruit?

People who have yet to be introduced to Fruit Carving may wonder, why carve fruit? Who the heck has time to do that?

Many culinary professionals know the value of the WOW factor that fruit carving gives to their clients’ banquets and events.

Although many Americans are only familiar with fruit carving as done with fruit bouquets made by companies like Edible Arrangements, some have seen vegetable and fruit carvings on cruise ship vacations or during travels in Asia, especially Thailand.

People who see  fruit carving are often amazed and can appreciate it for the beautiful art form that it is.

Here are a few reasons I carve fruit.

It’s fun.

My guests friends and family always ooohh and aaahhh over my carvings.

It makes my friends and family feel special when I carve something for a celebration in honor of them.

But probably the reason I most like to carve fruit and vegetables….well maybe it’s two reasons.

1. It’s a creative outlet. I can sit quietly, listen to music and simply get absorbed in the process. Time ceases to exist. I’m in the moment, simply enjoying carving.

2. My favorite reason  –  It let’s me see what I have done when I’m finished.

Let me explain better.

How many things in our daily life, can we stand back, admire the results of our work, and say to ourselves, “Look what I made?” And, be proud of it?

So many daily tasks as well as work, never really give us the opportunity to actually see our results in a satisfying way. Think about it.

We go to work, we run errands, we complete tasks. We may write something, solve a problem, make a sale, tend to children, cook, eat, bathe, go to a movie, watch TV, answer email.

We do so many things, but how many things that we do, can we just look at, admire and say to ourselves, “I made that”? There is something intensely satisfying about that.

And that is my favorite reason for carving fruits and vegetables.

How about you?

Learn to carve like a pro


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