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Long Lasting Carved White Pumpkin Lantern

Today is November 20 and I still have on display a carved white pumpkin lantern that I made on Halloween. That was October 31. So this pumpkin is now 21 days old! I’m finally about ready to throw it out. Amazingly, it is only now starting to get a little bit moldy on the inside. I’ve been keeping in on the table unrefrigerated all this time!

This is a huge contrast to the common orange pumpkins that I carved on the same day. Those got really black with mold on the inside within only 3 or 4 days.

Watch the video to see how this white pumpkin lantern has changed from day 1 to day 18.

Even though carved pumpkin lanterns are normally associated with Halloween, they can be made with pretty and elegant designs and used as decorations all through the fall and early winter while pumpkins are easy to find in the markets. they can make lovely decorations for a Thanksgiving dinner party.

So, if you are looking for an idea for a carved vegetable Thanksgiving decoration consider making a pretty pumpkin lantern. If you want a long lasting pumpkin lantern, try using a white pumpkin.

Even if you can’t find white pumpkins, a trio of orange pumpkins of varying sizes carved with pretty designs and lit from inside would
also make a striking and beautiful centerpiece.

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