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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas

Are you looking for some ideas for uncommon wedding centerpieces? In this article you’ll see a bunch of creative wedding centerpiece ideas made by a couple of my student/customers.

Student/customer Arturo Garcia carved and assembled this lovely bride and groom watermelon carving adorned with carved beet, turnip, and radish flowers.

fruit wedding centerpiece b

Bride and Groom watermelon carved by Arturo Garcia

You can find out how to carve graphic patterns onto watermelons in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. You’ll discover how to carve beet roses in our Hearts and Roses video lessons.

side view of Arturo's wedding centerpiece

You can see that Arturo carved both sides of his melon so that it would look pretty from any angle.

When you make a centerpiece for a buffet table that is pushed up against a wall, you can carve a melon on just one side. When you create a centerpiece, for a table that people will be walking around, you’ll want to make sure that it looks great on all sides. In the photo above, you can see that Arturo carved his watermelon to look good on all sides.

The radish flowers on top are one of the many lessons in our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

watermeon carving wedding centerpiece

Another of Arturo Garcia’s lovely wedding centerpiece ideas.

Wedding Centerpiece Ideas from a Summertime Wedding in Mexico

Dushinka Suarez is customer/student of my 101 Course who lives in Mexico. Look at the beautiful centerpieces and table decorations that she made for a summertime civil wedding. Dushinka reported getting a lot of “Wows”.

wedding vegetable bouquet

Dushinka Saurez assembled some very pretty vegetable flower bouquets made from cucumbers, bell peppers and tomatoes with carrot and radish centers. The pearl stamens added a pretty wedding touch.

vegetable wedding centerpiece ideas

Dushinka crafted pretty vegetable centerpieces for the tables using roma tomatoes, carrots and red chili peppers and parsley. If you take a close look, you’ll see that the clear glass vases had small tomatoes inside.

vegetable bouquet at birde and groom's table

A tall vase full of a variety of vegetable flowers filled the vase decorated the bride and groom’s table. The small tomatoes inside the vase added a splash of bright color. Notice the flowery decorations on the swags behind the bride and groom’s heads. Even those are flowers made from vegetables.

Dushinka's vegetable flower decorations

Dushinka even made vegetable flower decorations for the swags using radishes, carrots, red chili peppers and parsley

Carved watermelon fruit bowls

Watermelon fruit bowls carved with hearts serve as edible decorations

wedding vegetable flower arrangement

Dushinka’s Vegetable flower arrangement serves as a base for a candelabra.

From the looks of the photos, Dushinka pretty much replaced real flowers for vegetable flowers throughout the wedding. She did a beautiful job and she enjoyed hearing lots of “Wows” from the guests.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing these wedding centerpiece ideas. Perhaps they’ll spark some creative ideas that you can put to use for your next wedding or special event.

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