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Watermelon Portraits Honor Guest of Honor

One of my customers, who is a professional carver, purchased my Portrait Course a long time ago and never used it. Then recently, he was called upon to make some carved watermelon portraits for a private party. So, my customer, Ric Testani, needed to carve his first portraits.

Ric was wise enough to set some time aside in advance and make a few before the party to make sure he’d be able to deliver some good recognizable portraits. For privacy reasons, I am unable to reveal who the guest of honor was or where the party was. But, I can show you the photos of the carvings that he made. These were Ric’s first watermelon portraits ever. Here is what Ric had to say:

Here is what the final product looked like I can not use the name of who it was for or where it was. Signed a non-disclosure of the party. The security was so tight and no phones or cameras were allowed. The band that played for the evening was Chicago! There were 7 [watermelon portraits] like this for the display on the watermelon table. There were 6 others 3 were used on each bar with spouts to serve different watermelon flavored beverages from. I had a great time at this party. After carving 12 portraits I think I have it down pat…

watermelon portraits by Ric Testani

I replied:

“Fantastic! You did a great job and now you have a whole new skill. Was the man of honor there? Did you get a lot of good reactions. I’ll bet you did! Your boss is lucky to have you!”

And Ric responded with:

Thank you it is only because you are a great teacher… The man was thrilled as was everyone else. These you can post with out the name of the guy or the party it was for. The other photos are the Versace and those were for the filming of the movie with Ricky Martin those you have open road to say what ever you want. Those you will see in the movie. I do like working with the Transfer Fabric most but I use so much of it I am just more comfortable with it.

Thank you for your wonderful help and support,

Ric Testani

Besides using the watermelon portraits for display, several were used as beverage dispensers. Click here to see an example of a carved watermelon beverage dispenser.

Want to Honor your Special Guest with  Watermelon Portraits?

You can learn how to make watermelon portraits step-step in our Portrait Carving Course. You can find out more by clicking here. Not only will you learn how to carve watermelon portraits, you’ll learn the important steps for creating or choosing a good photo, making a pattern, and transferring the pattern to your melon. Once you know how, you can make any guest feel special at any type of celebration – birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, graduations and retirement parties. they will be surprised and delighted!

For more Watermelon Portraits

Want to see more watermelon portraits carved by students of our lessons? Take a look at a few of our past blog posts:

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Pumpkin portraits, too

When you learn to create good carving patterns you’ll also be able to put your skills to use in the Fall when pumpkins come into season. Here are just a few of our blog posts showing pumpkin portraits.

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You too, can amaze your friends and family with recognizable watermelon portraits.

Learn to carve like a pro

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