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Watermelon Lanterns – Create Elegant Atmosphere for Parties

When you are planning to throw a party and want do decorate with something beautiful and unexpected, consider making some carved watermelon lanterns. When lit from inside in low light condition, they’ll add a mysterious aura of beauty and elegance to your event. Look over this whole article to see the most amazing example of art on a watermelon lantern.

Here are a few watermelon lanterns before they were lit from inside, that were carved by Ernesto Alvarez. Scroll down to see how lovely they are once lights are added inside.

5 watermelon lanterns

These watermelon carvings by Ernesto Alvarez take on a whole new look when lit from inside. Look at the following image to see them lit.

peacock watermelon lantern by Ernesto Alvarez

Here is how the graceful peacock watermelon lantern looks when lit from within.

Click here to find the pattern that Ernesto used for the Peacock carving above.

watermelon lantern carved with peacock feather design

Ernesto carved this watermelon lantern with an arty abstract peacock feather motif. Here is it in ambient light (not lit from within)

peacock feather pattern lit

And here is the same abstract pattern melon lit from inside

fleur-de-lis watermelon carving lantern by Ernesto Alvarez

A pretty fleur de lis pattern is carved into this melon

brocade-watermelon lantern by Ernesto Alvarez

An elegant brocade was the pattern used for this lit melon lantern. The pattern becomes more beautiful when lit from within. In the image below, you can see how this melon looked before it was lit.

brocade watermelon - not lit

Still quite pretty but it’s not quite as dramatic without the light inside, is it?

elegant watermelon lantern by Ernesto Alvarez

Ernesto used another elegant brocade design to carve this watermelon lantern.

Customize Your Watermelon Lanterns with Words or Letters to fit your Event.

Letters carved in watermelon lantern

Want to use letters and words for your party?

snowflakes melon by Ernesto Alvarez

Here’s how it can look when lit from inside. The snowflakes are pretty aren’t they?

Our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words, teaches how to make custom patterns and various ways to carve words onto watermelons. Our Pattern Transfer Fabric and Thai Pro Knife are excellent tools for carving letters and words.

You can use Halloween Patterns to Carve Watermelons.

Guess what this is.

Can you guess what this is?

Lit wolf watermelon carving by Ernesto Alvarez

Once it’s lit from inside, you can see it much clearer. This wolf image reminds me of Halloween pumpkin carving designs. You can use any Halloween pattern to carve a watermelon.

Detailed Art Watermelon Lantern

Oliver Tanner created this awesome watermelon lantern with one of Normal Rockwell’s beloved illustrations.

Norman Rockwell painting carved by Oliver Tanner

Oliver Tanner did an outstanding job of carving this well loved Norman Rockwell image into a watermelon that is lit from inside.

Norman Rockwell's "No Swimming" illustration

If you are not familiar with Norman Rockwell’s “No Swimming” illustration, here it is. Oliver did a wonderful representation of this image in his watermelon carving, didn’t he?

If you want to learn how to create a carving pattern from a photo or piece of art like the Norman Rockwell image pictured above, you will learn how in our Portrait Carving Course. In our Portrait Carving Course, you’ll also learn how to effectively light your carvings from within.

Make Your Own Watermelon Lanterns

These types of watermelon lanterns can be a beautiful addition to any celebration. They’d be great for weddings, birthdays, and more. Just change the images to fit your theme.

Once you find a design or pattern that you want to use, print it onto our Pattern Transfer Fabric, stick it onto your watermelon, and you are ready to carve. It’s the fastest, easiest way to transfer patterns onto your watermelons. And, you’ll find it much easier to effectively carve a beautiful pattern. You’ll find our time-saving Pattern Transfer Fabric in our online shop. When you scroll down our product page for our Pattern Transfer Fabric, you’ll see a video showing how easy it is to use.

The best knife to use for this type of carving is our Thai Pro Knife or our Thai Style Dual Blade knife. If you already have our Kom Kom 3 knife set, the small fruit carving knife in that set will also get the job done.

We ship all of our tools from Kansas the next business day after you order. Your order will usually arrive in just a few days to most destination within the USA.

Links to Example Patterns

Here are a few links that will take you to pages of pattern ideas similar to those carved into watermelon lanterns on this page.

Fleur de Lis patterns

Brocade Designs

More Brocade Designs

Elegant Peacock shown in this article

You will also find ready-to-print-and-carve patterns for weddings and holidays in the pattern section of our online shop.

Don’t forget to get some of our Pattern Transfer Fabric to make carving faster, easier, and more precise.

Thank you to the Artists

Thank you to Ernesto Alvarez and Oliver Tanner for sharing their photos of their wonderful watermelon lanterns.

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Henry omusugu August 2, 2018 at 2:37 am #

    Good morning Nita its long since I wrote but I am Inquiring how do I get the pasting paper such that I can make nice pictures on water melons

    • Nita Gill August 2, 2018 at 10:11 am #

      If you will be carving watermelons let me suggest the pattern transfer FABRIC. For pumpkins portraits, and other detailed pumpkin carvings, use the pattern transfer Paper. If both, get the pattern transfer sampler.

      For your convenience, Here are the links to each.

      Pattern Transfer Fabric

      Pattern Transfer Paper

      Pattern Transfer Sampler

      The page with you Pattern Transfer Sampler has a video showing you the differences between the two and when you would choose to use one over the other.

      Once you use these time-saving transfer materials, you’ll never go back to old transfer methods again. And, you’ll find that your carvings will be more precise.

      Happy Carving!

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      I’m glad that you enjoyed seeing these.

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