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Watermelon Football Helmets and Logos

Take a look at these fun football themed carving  ideas, from watermelon football helmets and logos.

Football Team Signing Day

In February, the families of high school senior football players celebrate their sons’ signing on with different university teams. These signing days take place at the school auditoriums. And, the parents create a nice display  with collections of memorabilia and awards.

The reps come prepared to make their offer public. And, several are presented at one time. It’s a very nice ceremony and the moms go over the top to make their sons display special.

One mom asked customer Deborah Cheeseman (who is a professional caterer) for a fruit tray with the helmet for her second son. And here is what Deborah made.

watermelon football helmet by Deborah Cheeseman

Student/customer and Professional Caterer/Fruit carver Deborah Cheeseman, carved this watermelon football helmet for Rylan Love who signed onto the Missouri Baptist University Trojans team.

watermelon football helmets on memorabilia table decorate the fruit tray

The football helmet was used in a colorful fruit tray along with the graduating senior’s memorabilia.

Trojan team logo carved on side of watermelon helmet

Here’s a look at the Trojan logo that Deborah carved onto the side of the helmet.

Rylan’s Graduation was in Dec. finished early, good grades and signed with the same school as big brother!

Go Rylan!

Last Year’s Signing Day Watermelon Football Helmets

Deborah Cheeseman made similar watermelon football helmets for Rylan’s older brother Killian and another boy named, Bowers, last year.

watermelon football helmet with player number

Killian’s player number is carved on the side on the side.

another of Deborah Cheeseman's watermelon football helmets

Deborah filled the inside of the watermelon football helmet with colorful fruit.

Trojan logo carved on watermelon football helmet

She cleverly carved MBU and their Trojan logo on the side of this watermelon football helmet.

An Eagle logo was carved on Bowers’ watermelon football helmet.

Superbowl Watermelon Carving

Patriots watermelon carving by Wilma Silva

Wilma Silva who is a customer of our lessons, carved this watermelon with the Patriots logo for the Superbowl.

Thanks to Deborah and Wilma for sharing their creative football themes watermelon carvings.

You can carve Football themed watermelons like these.

Our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words shows you how to carve graphics like these onto watermelons. And, our Pattern Transfer Fabric makes it faster and easier. Also, our Thai knives are essential for carving small details.

Learn to carve like a pro

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