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Sweet Watermelon Carvings by Arturo Garcia

musical watermelon carvingArturo Garcia, one of my Vegetable Fruit Carving 101 Course students, created an assortment of beautiful watermelon carvings, including a musical-themed carving. Since I just posted a blog about Rodney Dikin’s creative stringed instrument carvings, I thought this would be the perfect time to share Arturo’s photos too.

The first couple of photos show his musical guitar watermelon carvings and the additional photos demonstrate the techniques he learned in the 101 course.

Arturo’s Musical Watermelon Carvings

Musical Watermelon Carvings

Arturo carved a guitar and music notes into this watermelon carving to create a musical masterpiece.


Music themed watermelon carving

The other side of the guitar-carved melon features intricate flower designs.

Non-Musical Watermelon Carvings by Arturo

Arturo joined my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners in May 2012 and has shared a variety of his carvings with me. I thought I’d return the favor by sharing all of these photos with you. Perhaps they can serve as inspiration for your next carving adventure!

Many of these skills can be learned in the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course, such as the rose watermelon flower, which is taught in week 11.

rose topped carved watermelon cake

Arturo’s take on the rose topped watermelon cake idea.


Thai Style watermelon carving

Another beautiful watermelon flower carving.


beet and carrot flowers

You, too, can learn to create these lovely flowers, like Arturo did, in the 101 Course and Hearts and Roses lessons!


Arturo's watermelon carving

Love the contrast of the green leaves and red petals in this watermelon carving by Arturo.


Arturo's watermelon cake with fruit kabob candles

Arturo finished his watermelon flower cake with fresh fruit kebob “candles”. Yum!

Arturo also created a beautiful display with a watermelon carving for the centerpiece. You can learn how to carve words in my Carving Words and Letters lessons.

Watemelon carving with Happy Birthday

Looks like “Dad” received quite the birthday buffet of fresh fruit along with a beautifully carved watermelon.

Arturo decided to have some fun with his fruit and vegetable carvings with these whimsical bird and mouse creations.

Squash bird with carrot beak.

Cute yellow squash bird with carrot beak surrounded by beet roses, and chili flowers in a nest of curly kale. I wonder what the eggs are?

radish mouse

This mouse carving is Arturo’s own creation.


fruit bouquet with carved butterfly

Atruro’s fruit bouquet with carved butterfly

We hope you enjoyed these photos and would like to thank Arturo for sharing his watermelon carvings and other creations with us.

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