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Watermelon Baby Carriage

Here are some fun, fancy and plain variations on the watermelon baby carriage idea. These watermelon fruit baskets are perfect for baby shower parties. When you make one, your guests will coo over your pretty watermelon baby bassinet. You’ll see.

Watermelon Baby Carriage variations made by students of my lessons.

I can’t resist starting with my very favorite photo of a watermelon baby bassinet – complete with baby. Isn’t this absolutely adorable?

baby in watermelon baby bassinet

This was carved by professional Carver Patrick O’Brien who started learning to carve with my video lessons. He has since gone on to become a prize winning carver. The baby in the carved watermelon is his son, Jackson. This baby announcement photo is just SO sweet and so creative. Don’t you love it?!

You can discover how to carve letters and graphic patterns onto watermelons like this is our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Watermelon Baby Carriages Serve as Perfect Bowls for Fruit Salad at Baby Showers

There are so many possible variations. The following photos will give you lots of great ideas to “WOW” the guests at any baby shower.

watermelon baby carriage for baby shower

This watermelon baby carriage was created my student/customer Wilma Feather. Wilma used a corrugated U-cutter to make the scalloped edges of the bassinet. She used a sharpie pen to draw the baby’s face. The ruffly kale above the baby’s head was a pretty embellishment.

Dear Mrs. Gill,
I am new to fruit carvings and beginning to fall in love with it. This baby carriage was my 2nd carving. Few months ago, I came cross to your website, and saw your lesson on how to make roses and leaves, so I “begged” my husband to buy me your DVD, thankfully he did.

You have mentioned that an ideal knife is the key to a good carving. Last week I bought me the Thai flexible blade. (By the way, you did an excellent job in sending that knife. It came Thursday and I needed it last Friday, Thank you!) And it does make a huge difference! I used my new knife to do the carvings on the flowers of the carriage. I was asked to do this carriage for a baby shower for yesterday. I wasn’t confident enough to do the roses for this one, so I made the flowers with cookie cutters and used your technique in high lightening the flowers and doing the leaves as well.
This is my first attempt to do this carriage with this design. …I love my new knife. Thank you for recommending it.

Wilma Feather

watermelon baby carriage side view

Wilma used pineapple, kiwi and blueberries for the carriage wheels.

baby carriage bonnet by Wilma

Wilma cut these flowers on the bonnet of the carriage with a flower shaped cookie cutter, then used the techniques taught in my lessons to make the flower petals and leaves stand out. This was her 2nd carving ever! Pretty isn’t it?

Wilma’s more advanced watermelon carriage.

On her next baby carriage Wilma had the confidence to carve the roses in the bonnet of the carriage.

Wilmas' more advance carving

Later, on another occasion, student/customer Wilma created a fancier watermelon baby carriage. Notice the baby’s name carved in a script font and the more skillfully carved roses and leaves in the bonnet of the carriage. You can discover how to carve words in my Carving Letters and Words lessons. You can learn to carve watermelon roses in my video lessons, Roses, Buds and Leaves.

Watermelon Carriage Carved By Student/Customer Barbara Phelps

baby carriage watermelon

This cleverly carved baby carriage was made by customer/student Barbara Phelps. She made the scalloped edge with a U-Cutter from our Pro 13 Piece tool set. She carved a crosshatch pattern in the body of the buggy and attached watermelon rind hearts with toothpicks.

Hi Nita,

First let me say I am a huge fan and I have really enjoyed your videos. I have some carving experience so I am not exactly a beginner, but after watching the videos I realized just how much I still need to learn! Anyway, here is a watermelon baby buggy I carved for my neighbor and dear friend who is expecting her first grandchild. The melons are not in season so selection was very limited and they were quite expensive so I knew I had to “get it right”. Next time I would do things a little differently, I ran out of time to practice the technique I really wanted to use on the bonnet part of the carriage, but that’s the great thing about carving, so many options! Thank you for the videos and offering the tools for sale. The tools are better than anything I’ve ever used!

I cut watermelon hearts, kiwi hearts, flower shaped pineapple, chunks of honey do and cantaloupe (too tired to do anything fancy with those, it was 2:00 am!! 🙂 I carved it at my house and delivered it with the fruit packed separately. My other girlfriends couldn’t believe it …. reactions were “Amazing…love it” ; “that is a masterpiece… how many hours did it take” … “i thought it looked perfect” …. “you could start your own business in food carving” …. “you are too much”.

Take care,

bonnet of watermelon carriage carved with baby's name

Barbara added a personal touch by carving the baby’s name on the bonnet of the baby carriage. You can discover how to carve names like this in our video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. Our Pattern Transfer Fabric makes it even easier to carve words.

Deborah Cheeseman’s variation of the watermelon baby carriage idea.

Deborah Cheeseman is a professional caterer who was a student of most, if not all, of my video lessons. She now offers all kinds of carving displays as part of her catering service. Fortunately for us, she generously shares many of her photos with us and as a result, is featured in several of our past blog posts.

bassinet baby shower watermelon carving by Deborah

Professional caterer and carver Deborah Cheeseman carved this charming watermelon baby carriage. She also used a u-cutter to form the scalloped edges and removed some of the rind to make a border pattern. She scraped a basket weave pattern on the body of the carriage. She also removed the outer green rind on the carriage handle and added carved honeydew flowers at the base of the display.

baby bassinet watermelon monogram by Deborah

Here is a top view of the bonnet of Deborah’s baby carriage carving. She carved the baby’s initial and gracefully attached a few pieces of fruit with toothpicks.

Don’t have time to carve the baby’s whole name? The baby’s initial can be just as effective and pretty.

Simpler variations on the watermelon Baby Carriage Idea by non-students.

watermelon baby carrier fruit salad for baby shower by Rosie

This watermelon baby carrier was made by Rosie Malone who is not yet a customer/student. She added some decoratively cut kiwis to the fruit salad and added a real pacifier.

Although Rosie is not yet a customer, she did have something to say about the free lesson that we offer.

Hi Nita, It was so amazing to watch you carving radishes and vegetables for a bouquet arrangement and it gives me more Idea to improve my carving hobby into making a beautiful arrangement in the future. Thank you so much!

You can sign up for your free lesson here.

Shirley Suchdolski’s baby carriage fruit salad

watermelon baby bassinet by shirley

Non student, Shirley used small cut grapes for the baby’s eyes and nose and also used a real pacifier. She used a small peeled cantaloupe for the head and even added melon ball ears. The kiwi slices make a pretty decoration on the carriage bonnet.

Here is what Shirley said when she sent me her photo.

I definitely plan to order the tools.  I made this for a baby shower this past weekend and sure could have used some better tools other than a knife to do it with.

melon baby carriage by mabel

Non-student Mabel Ninoska Gutierrez used a tiny toy pacifier for her “baby”.

I hope that these fancy and plain watermelon baby carriage photos give you some great ideas that you can use to serve fruit salad AND enchant the attendees of your next baby shower. To get the tools and lessons mentioned in this article, visit our Online Shop by clicking here. Happy Carving!

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