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Watermelon Art for Weddings

You can add a bit of unexpected beauty when you create watermelon art for weddings. Personalized watermelon carvings are a great way to celebrate the bride and groom’s special day.

Take a look at the personalized watermelon carvings that were made by several of my customer / students. By the way, don’t let the word “student” fool you. Many of my students are professional caterers and professional fruit carvers.

This first bit of watermelon art was created by student/customer Hannah Perryman who is a student of my 17 Lesson Collection. When she sent me her photo, she had just begun a business offering fruit carvings in Australia.

Hannah Perryman's wedding fruit display

wedding watermelon carving artfully arranged in a fruit tray by Hannah Perryman

Hello Nita.

I have been going really well with my little business have done two weddings.

I love getting your emails every day.

Here is some pictures of one of them

Hannah Perryman

She’s done a lovely job of carving and artfully arranging her fruit platter, don’t you think?

watermelon art for weddings by Larry Slawson

Larry Slawson of Oregon carved this pretty watermelon art for his nephew’s wedding. Notice how Larry’s zig-zag finish it carved so beautifully neat.

watermelon carving art of bride and groom's names

Here’s a closer look at the names of the bride and groom carving inside hearts.

Wedding watermleon art with carved roses

Larry carved the top portion of the watermelon with beautiful roses

You can discover how to carve roses on watermelons in my video lessons, Carving Watermelons, Roses, Buds and Leaves. It’s one of the lesson included in our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners.

To find out how to carve words onto watermelons, check out my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. All 3 of the lesson sets are great for making watermelon art for weddings.

Another customer sent the following photos of one of her wedding carved fruit arrangements.

Just to show you my small wedding display. The picture is not of good quality though!
Good luck, Jeannette

Even though the photo could be of a little better quality, her carving is so pretty, I wanted to share it with you anyway.

wedding melon and papaya fruti carvings my Jeanette

Jeanette Namarahu created this lovely display of fruit carving for a wedding.

watermelon art for weddings

Jeanette’s large watermelon is carved with the bride and Groom’s initials, with scroll patterns and roses. The yellow “flowers” are carved from golden beets.

wedding fruit carving art by Jeanette

Jeanette carved 2 large papayas with rose buds. The green flowers look like they are carved from turnips and dyed. I’m not sure what kind of melon the vase with the lid propped up is carved from. The contrasting colors of the dark skin and the yellow fruit makes the skillful carving strikingly beautiful. I wish we had a more detailed photo to share.

As varied as watermelon art for weddings can be, one thing for sure is that the guests will be delighted to see them.

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