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Versace Watermelon Carvings for upcoming TV series

One of my customers, Ric Testani, who is a professional fruit carver had the opportunity to make some Versace watermelon carvings for the upcoming FX Limited Series, ‘Versace: American Crime Story’. The series, which co-stars Ricky Martin, was filming in the Versace mansion in South Beach, Florida.  They producers wanted watermelons carved with the Versace logo to use during the shoot. They found Ric via my website as we have featured some of Ric’s other carvings. Where these melons show up remains to be seen. You’ll have to watch to find out.

Here’s what Ric had to say about his carvings.

2 carvings for the Versace Mansion on South Beach the intricate detail work on each one took me 5 hours for each. The longest carving i have ever done but it was fun and came out pretty good.

And look at all the positive comments he got on Facebook.
Ric's Facebook post about his Versace watermelon carvings

Here’s a closer look at his two Versace watermelon carvings.

Ric's Versace watermelon carving

Ric's other Versace watermelon carving
When the Versace movie comes out, watch for Ric’s watermelon carving somewhere in the mansion.

Here is the Versace logo that you can compare to the carvings to see the likeness.

Versace logo

Carving Watermelons with Patterns – You Can, too!

Ric did a beautiful job, didn’t he? Ric uses our Pattern Transfer Fabric to make carving patterns like this faster and easier.

I do like working with the Transfer Fabric… I use so much of it…
– Ric Testani

You can learn to carve patterns like these for any occasion – weddings, birthdays and more. We teach how to carve patterns onto melons and pumpkins in our set of video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. You’ll find the Pattern Transfer Fabric that Ric uses as well as Thai Pro Knives that are great for carving patterns, in our online shop.

And, YOU too, can receive all kinds of oohs, aahhs and compliments on your beautiful carvings.

Learn to carve like a pro

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