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Vegetable Menorah Centerpiece for Hanukkah

Last year, a student/customer of mine asked me how to make a vegetable Menorah for Hanukkah. She wrote:

Hi Nita,
My name is Milana and I’m a member of your website and own all your DVDs and I love them!! You are always an inspiration to me!!
I came across this picture recently and wanted to know how the carrot candles were carved. Would you possibly know how I can make these?? I have a big event coming up and I wanted to bring this to the hostess! I know you are very creative and maybe you can upload a video for Hanukkah – the holiday of festival of lights!
Thank you so much in advance. Hope to hear from you soon!!
Truly inspired,

Here is the photo that Milana sent.

carrot menorah for Hanukkah

This is the photo of a Menorah vegetable tray that Milana sent.

I sent her some instructions.

Thanks to Milana’s request and success, free video instructions are now available to you. Click here to view.

Shortly after, Milana sent the following email along with her photos of her vegetable Menorah centerpiece. This is what she had to say;

“Dear Nita, I can’t thank you enough for your help. THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!! It was a real success and every one couldn’t stop talking about it.. and of course your name was mentioned and some ladies took out their phones and watched your videos on YouTube! It was amazing!! (even though it didn’t come out perfect because my baby was around me 24/7 she’s teething..and i just couldn’t spend any more time on it, however I still managed to get it done and since the crowd wasn’t really familiar with all these garnishes they were really amazed) Thanx a ton!! You are truly an inspiration!

Here are Milana’s vegetable Menorah photos.

vegetable menorah for Hanukkah by Milana

Milana placed her vegetable candles in individual holders.

Menorah vegetable tray

Here is a look at Milana’s vegetable Menorah centerpiece from the top.

Milana did a beautiful job didn’t she? A big thank you goes out to her for sharing her photos with us.

Milana also said,

I just want to let you know that I often go to birthday occasions and I bring along the watermelon cakes that I learned how to make from your videos, it is always a hit and your name always comes up. Of course, I take out my phone and show the guests your talents and they get so inspired by your creativity. I’m so glad I found you! May you be blessed!! Happy Holidays to you as well! Best Wishes, Sincerely, Milana Bengiv

How to make a vegetable Menorah for Hanukkah

Click here to view a 1 minute video showing how you can make an arrangement of vegetable candles to form an Menorah for Hanukkah. Just make sure to make 9 candles and and not 7 like I show in the video. You get the idea. Happy Carving!

vegetable menorah lit

Here is how Milana’s Menorah vegetable tray looked when the candles were lit.

To see the tool for making the twisty vegetable candles, click here.

Learn to carve like a pro

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