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Vegetable Fruit Carving Success Stories

Ric-carving-display-closeupThere are few things that I enjoy sharing more than the vegetable fruit carving success of my talented students. I first shared some photos of carvings by Ric Testani, one of my students, in May 2012. I now have more photos to share of Ric’s lovely vegetable and fruit carvings, as well as photos by another student, Bing Domingo Thompson. Most of the techniques used to create these displays can be learned in the Vegetable Fruit Carving 101 course.

It’s very rewarding to see their beautiful creations and I hope that these success stories can inspire you to begin your own Vegetable Fruit Carving journey.

Ric Testani’s Beautiful Vegetable Fruit Carving Display

Ric Testani is a wonderful chef and carver who works for Exquisite Catering in Hollywood, Florida, who has taken several of my DVD courses.

He shared the following photos and messages on my Facebook page.

This is most everything I learned from you. ….. Thanks you are the best.”

Ric Testani”

Here is a photo of the display that Ric created for this year’s South Beach Food and Wine Festival, an event hosted by the Food Network.

Vegetable Fruit Carving display by Ric Testani

Vegetable and Fruit carving display by Ric Testani at the Food Network SOBE Food and Wine Festival

The following close-up photo of Ric’s carvings shows many of the carvings taught in my 101 Course: Pepper flowers, radish bouquet (from free lesson), calla lilies and melon rose. The beet and turnip roses, are taught in my Hearts and Roses lessons.


Close-up of part of  the vegetable fruit carving display by Ric Testani.

 The pinkish rose in the photo below were created using a watermelon radish.


Ric carved the pink roses from a watermelon radish.

Vegetable Fruit Carving Display by Bing Domingo Thompson

Perhaps photos of Ric’s vegetable fruit carving displays that I published in an post last year and shared on my Facebook page inspired fellow student, Bing Domingo Thompson.

Bing created a lovely display using several of the techniques taught in the 101 course: calla lilies, daisies (the course teaches how to create these with melons and pineapple, Bing changed to beets and pineapple), red pepper flowers and onion lotuses. Bing also made a radish bouquet that is similar to what I teach in the free radish bouquet lesson. However, Bing made it different by using a cantaloupe as the base for the radish bouquet.

Carving display by Bing Domingo-Thompson

Carving display by Bing Domingo-Thompson

In a message, Bing said, “Presented this centerpiece at the “Boys & Girls Club” charity event in Vancouver, WA. Thank you for all the learning I gained from your videos. It made everything so easy for me.”

Bing Domingo Thompson


Carving display by Bing Domingo-Thompson

Bing did a beautiful job with both displays. I like how she added large glass vases filled with colorful fruit. It’s an easy and beautiful way to add drama to a large fruit carving display. Like Bing was inspired by Ric’s photos, Bing’s photos will probably end up inspiring other carvers, too.

Want to create your own carving success story? Start with the Vegetable Fruit Carving 101 11-week course!


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3 Responses to Vegetable Fruit Carving Success Stories

  1. Richard Testani July 29, 2013 at 7:34 pm #


    Most everything I have learned was from you. Your technique and teaching is the best for me. I work at carvings and displays every day and some long hours… I wish I had the time to study with you in person, and master every DVD you have. I sincerely think you are by far one of the very best teachers out there. I am so glad I found you. You have brought me to such a higher lever of carving. I can’t thank you enough.


    Ric Testani

    • Nita July 30, 2013 at 8:47 am #

      Thank you for your very kind words, Ric. It makes me feel good to know that my work (my video lessons) have made a difference to you in your life. You have certainly have learned very well!

  2. bing November 30, 2013 at 8:24 pm #

    oh wow! Thank you Nita for featuring my work. It’s such an honor. And thank you to Ric for his inspiring photos that gave me the ideas.It will be a dream come true if I get to see you in person and work with you. More powers to you and your craft.



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