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Vegetable Bouquets to Brighten your Home

Vegetable BouquetsRight now, you can bring a touch of color into your home and brighten your living space with vibrant vegetable bouquets. These colorful, and healthy, veggie bouquets are great centerpieces for any occasion, even an ordinary day.

A quick trip to the local grocery store should provide you with all the veggies you need to get carving and get creative! Pick up multiple colors of peppers, radishes and more.

Several readers have sent photos of their stunning vegetable bouquets, which are shared below.

Chili Pepper Vegetable Bouquets

Vegetable bouquets created using chili peppers are a popular choice. Two of my readers, Evelyn Formentera and Cindy Rozich, sent me photos of their pretty pepper flowers.

You can learn to carve these bouquets in the Vegetable Fruit Carving 101 course.

Evelyn bouquet

Evelyn Formentera carved this lovely chili pepper arrangement for her daughter’s bridal shower.

“I just want to thank you ever so much for the free classes. I really enjoyed them and have learned so much. It’s so much fun, I love it and you are such an amazing teacher! I will be ordering your 15 week classes soon!”
– Cindy Rozich

Cindy Veggie Bouquet

Cindy Rozich’s pepper bouquet combines red, green, orange and yellow peppers to create one vibrant example of vegetable bouquets.

You can learn to make these easy and brilliantly colored chili pepper flowers in a free lesson that I show on my blog.

Vegetable Bouquets with Radishes

I received an email from Fenti Le last week with photos of her gorgeous vegetable bouquets that were made for Chinese New Year.

I enjoyed making it . I can make it for hours and hours, it is so much fun. I bought the watermelon radish from a farmer’s market, everyone asked about it since they never seen it before.”
– Fenti Le

Fenti Radish Bouquet

Fenti Le carved this lovely radish bouquet for Chinese New Year last month.

You, too, can learn to carved this lovely daisy bouquet in our lessons, “Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang“.

Fenti Radish Bouquet

Here’s another view of Fenti’s beautiful veggie bouquet.

Evelyn Formentera also carved a radish bouquet, in addition to the chili pepper bouquet featured earlier in this blog.

Evelyn Veggie Bouquet

Evelyn’s radish bouquet made a colorful centerpiece.

Cindy’s radish bouquet is modeled after the example in my free lesson. You can sign up for my free radish bouquet lesson at the top of this page.

Cindy Radish Bouquet

Cindy’s radish bouquet.

Other Vegetable Bouquets

Sakina Mohammed shared these two photos of beautiful vegetable bouquets. The arrangements consist of a variety of carved veggies, some of which she dyed with food coloring.

Sakina Veggie Bouquet

Sakina Mohammed’s colorful vegetable bouquet brightens up the table.

Sakina Veggie Bouquet

Another vibrant vegetable bouquet by Sakina using purple cabbage leaves.

Thank you to everyone who sent in photos of their vegetable bouquets!

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