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30 Vegetable and Fruit Carvings from 17 Lesson Collection

Have you ever considered making vegetable and fruit vegetable carvings as a new hobby? You may look at vegetable and fruit carvings and think “I could never do that”. With the right instructions, I know that you can. With that in mind, I want to show you the carvings of one of my students, Dean Phillip, created as worked his way through our 17 Lesson Collection.

You Can Do It!

The 17 Lesson Collection starts with easy basic carvings. That way, you can get comfortable with carving, and with using carving tools and knives. As you gain skill, the carvings taught expand your skills further. You can start with no skill at all and have successes with your carvings right away. Then, you can use them as part of a meal, as plate decorations and bouquets. By the time you finish the lessons in our 17 Lesson Collection, you will be creating beautiful melon carvings and intermediate/advanced arrangements.

Student/Customer Dean Phillip’s Vegetable and Fruit Carvings

Here are Dean Phillip’s photos that he took as he worked his way through our 17 Lesson Collection. Not every lessons in the 17 Lesson Collection is shown in these pictures. But, this gives you a good overview of what you can expect when you join our 17 Lesson Collection. Keep in mind that these are mostly Dean’s first carvings for some of the lessons in the course. And, he did a beautiful job.

Our 17 Lesson Collection which consists of our Hearts and Roses lessons, our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners, and our 201 Course, Beyond the Basics.

From Our Hearts and Roses Lessons

Beet roses from Hearts and Roses lessons

Student/customer Dean Phillip carved this pretty beet and turnip rose bouquet after learning from our Hearts and Roses video lessons.

This lesson is just one of the 4 easy lessons taught in our Hearts and Roses Lessons. No special tools are required for the lessons in this set. Click here if you want to see all the lesson in our Hearts and Roses Lessons.

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings from Our 101 Course for Beginners

The following are not all of the lessons taught in our 101 Course, but it shows a variety of what is taught in these lessons.

Variety of onion lotuses that Dean made

Here is a variety of simple and pretty onion lotuses that Dean made.

Onion Lotus Plate decoration

Here is how Dean used one of his onion lotuses as a plate decoration.

Vegetable Lilies made by student customer Dean Phillips

Vegetable Calla Lilies made by student customer Dean Phillip can be used a plate decorations or as a bouquet in a vase.

Dean's first yam and turnip flowers

Here are a few of Dean’s first Yam and Turnip Flowers made using our Corrugated U-Cutters, and our U-V cutters.

Noodles with yam and turnip flowers vegetable and fruit carvings

This is how Dean added them to decorate a plate of noodle. They dress up the noodles, don’t they?

Dean's watermelon carving

Dean did a beautiful job making this eye-catching watermelon carving using our Corrugated U-Cutters. This design is simpler to do than it looks. Our Corrugated U-Cutters make these these wavy edged cuts. But sshhhhh, your guests don’t have to know how easy it is to create such intricate looking petals.

Side view of watermelon carving

Here is another view of the same watermelon carving from a different angle. It’s pretty, too.

Dean's bell pepper flowers.

You can make lots of decorative items with bell peppers. Dean made these.

Anthurium bell pepper flowers

You can make anthuriums from bell peppers, too. These can be used to decorate plates or can be arranged in a bouquet.

Radish flower variations

Here is a variety of radish flowers that Dean made that are taught in our lessons.

variations of radish flowers in a bouquet

Here are more variation of radish flowers taught in the 101 Course, displayed in a bouquet.

Honeydew Lotus created by Dean Phillip

Dean created his beautiful honeydew lotus in the 10th lesson of our Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course for Beginners

Honeydew Lotus seen from the top - another of Dean Phillip's vegetable and fruit carvings

Here is a top view of the Honeydew Lotus with a carved flower center with some added berries for visual appeal.

single watermelon rose

Single watermelon rose Dean Phillip carved after learning from lesson 11 in our 101 Course.

Dean rose carved watermelon

This watermelon carved with multiple roses is also taught on the 11th lesson, Carving Watermelons, Roses, Buds, and Leaves. This is what Dean carved after watching that lesson.

Vegetable and Fruit Carvings Beyond the 101 Course

Oor 17 Lesson Collection includes our Hearts and Roses lessons, our 101 Course for Beginners, and the 201 Course. The 201 Course is a set of 5 lesson sets that go beyond our 101 Course. The following photos show carvings from some of the lessons in the 201 Course – Beyond the Basics, that customer student Dean Phillip created.

Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals

jagged petals honeydew carving by Dean

Dean carved this honeydew melon after learning how to carve jagged petals in our video lessons, Carving Melons, Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Scroll Pattern

Dean's scroll pattern melon

Dean carved this lovely melon after learning from our Scroll Pattern lesson. He did a lovely job with the scroll pattern didn’t he?

Watermelon Cakes

Simple watermelon fruit cake

A simple watermelon fruit cake that Dean created from our Watermelon Cakes lessons.

Happy Birthday Cake

Next Dean learned this Happy Birthday Cake that requires a bit more skill than the first simple cake. All of these cakes are taught in our Watermelon Cakes Lessons.

fancy watermelon cake by Dean

Here is Dean’s version of our fancy watermelon cake topped with carved watermelon roses.

closer side view of Dean's watermelon cake.

Her is a closer look at the details of Dean’s carving on the sides of the cake.

Carving Letters and Words

Different decorative letters carved by Dean

Our Carving Letters and Words  video lessons teach a variety of ways to make different decorative letters. Here is what Dean carved.

cursive letters on watemelon by Dean

This is Dean’s carving for the lesson on carving cursive letters

Here is Dean’s carving when learning to carve fine letters and script fonts.

Dean's examples of carving melons

Dean’s own patterns showing the difference of carving light on dark vs, dark on light. I teach how to make your own patterns for carving in our Carving Letters and Words Lessons.

Squash carved with stork pattern

In our Carving Letters and Words lessons, you’ll also learn how to carve graphic patterns onto pumpkins. Here is Dean’s pattern carved squash.

Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

Carrot flower arrangement by Dean

This display of carved carrot flowers in a melon vase, is taught in our lessons, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

Radish daisies in melon vase by Dean Phillip

Dean’s radish daisies in a melon vase as taught in our lessons Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

You can create lovely Vegetable and Fruit Carvings, too.

As you can see from the photos above, Dean learned a wide variety of carving techniques throughout our 17 Lesson Collection. There are even more carvings taught in the 17 Lesson Collection than are shown in this blog post. I figure that this post is already quite lengthy already.

One of the great advantages of learning and making all of these carvings is two fold. Once you’ve acquired the skills to do all of  these different carving techniques, it’s easier to see other carvings, and confidently reproduce the look. It makes it easier make more advanced carvings as you may see in books, etc. You will find many examples throughout our blog showing how students have taken these carving ideas to the next level, and added their own creative variations.


The other advantage is that as a student of our lessons,  you can get a beautiful certificate suitable for framing. Here is where you can get more information about our certification. We’ve had past students use their certificates for using in press releases and bios, for showing to prospective employers in their resumes and portfolios , and for framing and displaying in their places of business.

We are proud that many, many of our students have gone on to become professional carvers. You will find many examples of their carving throughout our blog – specifically in the sections named “Carver’s Stories and Photos“.

Dean Phillip received his certification for completing all of the lessons in our 17 Lesson Collection. You can see how his skills advanced as he moved from the simple carvings to more challenging carvings.

With our vegetable and fruit carving lessons, your skills can advance, too.

Even More Lessons

We also have more lessons in addition to our 17 Lesson Collection. You can see all of our lessons here in our online shop.

In conclusion, I hope that you have enjoyed seeing these many vegetable and fruit carvings by  Student/customer Dean Phillip. A big Thank You goes out to Dean Phillip for all his time and effort with learning and for sharing his photos.

Happy Carving!

P.S. Note to non-students of ours, we receive more photos than we have time to publish. So, we have to focus on publishing only the photos from our past students.

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