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Vegetable and Fruit Arrangement Ideas

Vegetable and fruit arrangement and carving ideas

Unique “pizza” vegetable and fruit arrangement by Ramblin’ Rose Florist in Claifornia

I often get e-mails from customers and readers who have used my fruit and vegetable carving techniques in their own unique vegetable and fruit arrangement displays. I always enjoy seeing their creations and want to share them so that other readers can get ideas for their own projects.

Today, I have a few interesting vegetable and fruit arrangement displays to show you that will hopefully spark some new creative ideas for your next event.

Unique Vegetable and Fruit Arrangement Ideas by Readers/Customers

I was delighted when I received this original vegetable and fruit arragement photo from John and Chris from Ramblin’ Rise Florist. They arranged their fruit and vegetable carvings into a giant slice of pizza for the Central Valley Pizza Frestival in California. Here’s the message I received from John and Chris about their pizza vegetable and fruit arrangement:

Hi Nita,

Attached is a photo of a slice of pizza with rose carved vegetables learned from your video. Every year, our local community holds the Central Valley Pizza Festival here in Lemoore, California. We live in a very agricultural area that grows and processes the key ingredients for pizza. This is the 12th year of the festival and each year there is the Giant Pizza Decorating Event. The object of the event is not to create a regular looking slice of pizza but rather to be inventive and imaginative. It is a 9 foot pizza with 16 individual slices measuring approximately 4 feet by 2 feet. The only requirement is that all products must be edible. For this pizza slice, we used jicama, beets, radishes, turnips, along with pineapples slices to create daisies. We are a flower shop and that is the reason we wanted to do flowers for the slice. Thank you for a great video. We enjoyed making the roses but our hands are tired! : ) Best regards, John and ChrisRamblin’ Rose Florist”

Here’s a photo of Ramblin’ Rose’s “floral pizza” vegetable and fruit arrangement:

Pizza Vegetable and Fruit Arrangement Idea

Ramblin’ Rose Florist’s Pizza made with beet and turnip roses, tomato roses and pineapple daisies

Isn’t that clever? It’s so pretty with all the bright pink, red and yellow colors – the green kale underneath makes for a nice contrast too. Great work!

The video lessons that John and Chris referred to in their message includes my Hearts and Roses DVD and Online lessons. This video lesson will show you how to make the beet and turnip rose carvings in Ramblin’ Roses’s pizza vegetable and fruit arrangement. In this video lesson, you’ll also learn how to dye your turnip to make the pretty pink edged roses in John and Chris’ photo.

The other lesson John and Chris mentioned is my free lesson on how to make tomato roses, which were a lovely addition to their vegetable and fruit arrangement. You can check out that video lesson here. Enjoy!

Here’s another vegetable and fruit arrangement idea by one of my readers, Sharon Mathew, which involves displaying her carvings in tiers. It creates a really elegant look – check it out:

Three tired vegetable and fruit arrangement

Three tired vegetable and fruit display arranged with pumpkin, watermelon, radishes, carrot, celery, broccoli, cabbage and onion spray flowers

It looks like she used pumpkin for the bases on each tier and included watermelon, radishes, broccoli, celery, spring onions, tomato, carrots and cabbage in her display.

If you’d like to learn how to make the onion spray flowers found on the bottom tier in the photo above, you can check out my Fanciful Leeks and Onions DVD in my online shop. In this video lesson, you’ll learn how to make spray flowers, onion curls and fanciful stems using leeks and onions to garnish salads, soup and main courses. This lesson is available separately or as week 8 of my complete 11 week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101. This is a great course for beginners wanting to learn about the art of food carving and garnishing. Soon, you’ll be making your own vegetable and fruit arrangement displays that will wow guests at your next event!

Vegetable and Fruit Arrangement Idea for a Wedding Shower by Ruth Diaz

The next few photos show a vegetable and fruit arrangement made for a wedding shower by one of my readers/students, Ruth Diaz. And this is a message that I received from Ruth along with her photos:

Hello Nita

These are the results of you being my  teacher. After ups and downs with my husbands health and being very ill I can tell you now that THANKS GOD he is doing much better and I can start carving again with your help. Thank you for giving me that talent. These pictures is from a wedding shower display that I did for my friends and I wanted to share with you.

Thank you again,

Ruth Diaz”

I thought that was such a positive message and wanted to share it with you. Now check out Ruth’s wedding shower vegetable and fruit arrangement!

Idea for a wedding shower vegetable and fruit arrangement

Ruth Diaz’s wedding shower fruit display

Here’s a closer look at the roses Ruth carved into her heart watermelon.

Watermelon rose in a vegetable and fruit arrangement

Ruth’s watermelon roses carving for a wedding shower

Ruth learned to make the watermelon roses from my Carving Watermelons DVD and Online lessons. This is a great introduction to carving watermelons the way you see the pros do it at fancy resorts! It is sold separately, but if you want a complete introductory course to fruit and vegetable carving, check out my complete Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101 for Beginners. The Carving Watermelons DVD is included as Lesson 11 of this full course.

Thanks for sharing, Ruth. I’m sure the bride and groom, as well as all the guests appreciated your talents!

You Can Learn to Make Your Own Vegetable and Fruit Arrangement Display

You can easily learn to make your own vegetable and fruit arrangement platters. To get you started, sign up for my free lesson on how to make a simple yet elegant radish bouquet. This technique is perfect for beginners but have been used by professional chefs and caterers to dress up their food presentation. There are also many ideas, photos and tips on my blog to help you in your vegetable and fruit arrangement and carving journey, so feel free to browse around!

I hope you enjoyed the photos today and that they gave you new ideas for making your own vegetable and fruit arrangement displays!

Learn to carve like a pro

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