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Rosemary Skewered Mozzarella Appetizers

Eye-Catching and Delicious Here’s an eye-catching and mouthwatering appetizer that my friend, Linda, made for a casual afternoon birthday party for our FitTap teacher at her home. It’s so pretty, simple and delicious that I had to share it here with you. How To Make Linda marinated cubes of mozzarella is a mixture of olive […]

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how to carve a melon snowflake step-by-step

How to Carve a Melon Snowflake

Here is a series of photos showing how to carve a melon snowflake starting with a super simple pattern and adding more carving to make it fancier. You can see a variety of beautiful snowflake melon carvings in our previous post. You can use the snowflake design pattern that is available in our Holiday Carving Pattern set. Or […]

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Lino's carved potato flowers

Carved Potato Flowers Dress Up Dinner

Want to see a charming idea for super fancy french fries? Take a look at how one of my student/customers, Lino Hermano make threes styles of carved potato flowers. He planned to fry and serve to his choir members that he directs at church. What a fun idea! White potatoes are not often used in fruit and vegetable carving […]

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Pattern Transfer Paper versus Pattern Transfer Fabric

Pattern Transfer Paper versus Pattern Transfer Fabric

Both the transfer pattern paper and the pattern transfer fabric make transferring pumpkin carving patterns and watermelon carving patterns faster, easier and more accurate than other pattern transfer methods. How do the Pattern Transfer Paper and Pattern Transfer Fabric differ? That is what this article and this video are about. We introduced the Pattern Transfer […]

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