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Thomas the Tank Engine Watermelon and the Grape Train

Take a look at what a loving Grandma made for her grandson’s second birthday. It’s adorable.

Thomas the Tank Engine watermelon and grape train by Cindy Rozich

Here is Cindy Rozich’s Thomas the Tank Engine watermelon and grape train that she made for her grandson’s 2nd birthday.

Clever isn’t it?

Cindy Rozich who is a customer/student of most of my products and lessons sent me photos along with the following:

Hi Nita,
I thought you might enjoy seeing the watermelon I carved for my Grandson Landon’s 2nd birthday. He loves trains and his favorite food is grapes. I carved him a Thomas the Tank Engine watermelon and made him a Grape Train!!! It was a fun party and everyone loved it.
Happy Birthday John was for my cousins 65th Birthday. I carved it in the shape of the Harley Davidson Motor Cycle Logo!
Having lots of fun,
Cindy Rozich

homas the Tank Engine watermelon carving

Here’s a closer look at Cindy’s Thomas the Tank Engine watermelon carving

You can learn how to carve words, and how to make your own patterns, in my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words. The Pattern Transfer Fabric really helps a lot when carving patterns like these.

grape train made fo melons and grapes

Cindy’s cute “bape train” has train cars made of honeydew and cantaloupe that are filled with her grandson’s favorite food – grapes.

Two train cars were carved from cantaloupe and the third from a honeydew.

(Our 2 year old grandson says bapes instead of grapes. He called it his Bape Train!)

A fancy way to display grapes!!!

It was fun. Have a great day!

Harley Davidson Happy Birthday Watermelon

Cindy modified the Harley Davidson logo to read Happy Birthday John.

Cindy did a wonderful job on these carvings, But even better, it’s so thoughtful how Cindy used themes (and food) that the birthday boys like, to make their birthday carvings.

How can you use your loved ones favorite themes and food to make special carvings for them? It’s a sweet way to show that you care.

Learn to carve like a pro


2 Responses to Thomas the Tank Engine Watermelon and the Grape Train

  1. Ric Testani August 19, 2015 at 9:38 pm #

    That is awesome and such a creative grandma. I love the train she carved on the watermelon and the train she made out of melons is awesome. She is really good.

    • Cindy Rozich September 1, 2015 at 7:38 pm #

      Thanks Ric! I enjoy carving. It’s fun and relaxing! The oohs and aahs are fun too!!!

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