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The Carve IV – Vegetable and Fruit Carving Competition

The Carve IV is the largest vegetable and fruit carving competition of it’s kind in the United States. This will be it’s 4th year and it keeps getting bigger and better. There will be over 50 carving competitors this year.

1st place winning team at the Carve III

Two teams from Columbus Culinary Institute led by instructor Nicole Bennet won the First Place Overall Team award and the Fourth Place Overall Team award at The Carve III

The Carve will be held on September 30th and October 1st in the charming town of Holland Michigan. There are two different types of food carving competitions that take place at The Carve IV- The U.S. Collegiate National Championships (for students) and the People’s Choice Competition for pros and hobbists.   In addition there will be free vegetable and fruit carving seminars and an area for children to have some creative fruit and vegetable fun.

Take a look at lots of photos from last year’s competition.

The U.S. National Collegiate Championships will take place at THE CARVE IV

Nita Gill and Doug St. Souver

Food Network Competition Winner Doug St. Souver and Nita Gill were two of the judges of the U.S. Collegiate National Championships last year.

The U.S. Collegiate National Championships is where students from a variety of culinary schools compete. For the second year, I’ll be serving as one of the judges. This year, James Parker who is a two time winner of the Food Network Fantasy Fruit Competitions will also serve as one of the judges. The Carve IV Competition organizer Greg Butauski and his team from Rock on Ice and Art the Experience will also serve as judges at THE CARVE IV.

Vegetable Carving ShipSome of the segments of the U.S. National Championship competitions are judged on the carving skills of individual students and some segments are team competitions. In each segment of the competition, winners will be chosen.  At the end of THE CARVE IV, one team will win the overall award for first prize.  The prizes are awarded to the winning teams and individuals at a banquet for all of the contestants.

You can see lots of photos and all the winners from last year’s U.S. Collegiate National Championships at //
Following are some of the photos from the team competition.

People’s Choice Competition for Pros and Hobbyists at THE CARVE IV

The People’s Choice is another division of competition. Here is where professionals, amateurs, hobbyists and anyone who enjoys fruit carving can compete. The winner of this competition is selected by the votes of the public that attends this fun event. I was fortunate to be awarded the 1st prize at last year’s People’s Choice Competition.

Nita Gill with First Prize winning ENtry

Nita Gill won the first place award in the People’s Choice Division

The People’s at THE CARVE IV choice should be fantastic this year! There will be a number of top prize winning fruit carving competitors from many regions of the country including Brandon D’Arca who was the 2nd place winner at the Carve III, Guido Schiavoni who has won many competitions all over the country, Joe Renfroe who is a prize winning carving chef that I’ve written about in past blog articles and many more . I can’t wait to see what magnificent creations they all come up with. It’ll be fun!

Last year there were a couple of newbie carvers who came up with beautiful entries, too. It’s always fun to see the ideas carvers of all levels bring to life.

You can see the winners and lots of photos from last year’s The Carve III at:

Here are a few of the photos from the People’s Choice Division.

FREE Fruit and Vegetable Carving Seminars at THE CARVE IV

Chef Richard Alford at The CArve III

Chef Richard Alford at The Carve III with his vegetable and fruit carvings. He will be teaching one of the free carving seminars at THE CARVE IV

Free Seminars will be given for the students and are open to the public that attend The Carve IV. I will be teaching one of the seminars and the other teachers will be James Parker of Food Network fame and long time carving instructor Chef Richard Alford.

And, it’s not too late to compete in the People’s Choice Division. You can find all the details at

Here are even more photos taken at last years event.

Even if you do not carve, or don’t feel like competing, come stop  to The Carve IV if you are anywhere near Holland Michigan. A wonderful farmer’s market will also be happening just outside The Carve IV on Oct 1st. There will be fun for everyone.

Vegetable and Fruit Creative Activities for Children at THE CARVE IV

Children's vegetable carvings at The CARVE IV

Children also have the opportunity to make their own vegetable creations at THE CARVE IV

And, bring the kids. They can have some fun creating there own critters, cars, buildings or whatever they imagine from cut veggies.

By the way, The Carve IV is sanctioned by the newly forming World Food Sculptors Association of which I will serve as a board member. In a future blog article, I will give my more info on the WFSA and how you can become a member.

Goldfish carved from carrotA big thank you to the sponsors of The Carve IV: local restaurant, The Alpenrose, the City of Holland, and Visser Farms. Their sponsorship makes this remarkable event possible.

If you do choose to attend, come introduce yourself to me. I’ll be happy to meet you at THE CARVE IV.

Learn to carve like a pro

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