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Thanksgiving Centerpiece Photos

In the week since Thanksgiving several of my blog readers have sent me their Thanksgiving centerpiece photos. I thought that you might be interested seeing them. I’ll also show you a fun arrangements surprise that arrived at my house this Thanksgiving.

Borrow these Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas to Make your own Holiday Centerpiece.

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Monique with her Thanksgiving Turkey Appetizer

Many of these ideas can be used for many other celebrations besides Thanksgiving. Maybe you will find use for these ideas during the upcoming holidays.

Thanksgiving Centerpiece that Serves as an Appetizer

My daughter-in-law Monique surprised me by bringing a fun Thanksgiving Turkey appetizer sculpture made of bread. The bread was topped with cream cheese and covered with salami and cheese. Monique then added the “feathers” of skewered grapes, plum tomatoes, and cheese that were topped off with shrimp. What a fun Thanksgiving centerpiece idea! Isn’t it?

Monique told me that she had seen this Thanksgiving centerpiece idea in a magazine years ago.  She had torn out the page and kept it. But, when she went looking, she could not find it. So, she made this from memory.

Isn’t it cute! She made the head “feathers” and eyes from red bell pepper. See the photo below for a better look at the detail.

Thanksgiving centerpiece - Turkey appetizer

More Fun Thanksgiving Centerpiece Ideas

Winston Hayes sent me photos of a couple of his Thanksgiving centerpieces. Here is what Winston Hayes had to say about himself and the photos of his Thanksgiving day carving ideas.

“I am non professional, I actually work in the health care field. I do this for my own entertainment and for friends and family for any occasion they might ask and need.

The eggs were for my Thanksgiving meal, and again I dyed them for the occasion – the orange, brown and yellow.

The bird was a center piece for my thanksgiving meal.
I seem to impress everyone with my creations. They do ooh! and aah, along with WOW!!”

Pineapple and squash bird

Pineapple and squash bird Thanksgiving centerpiece by Winston Hayes

The radish flowers and the yam flowers are taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 Course. You can learn more about my 11 Week Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course for Beginners on video here.

Devilled eggs colored yellow, orange and brown for Thanksgiving

Colorful idea Winston!

Below are a couple of birds made Ryan Holladay with acorn squash and yellow squash as I suggested in another of my blog articles. What Ryan did differently that I think is clever is that he used an artichoke for one of the bird’s feathered body. Great idea!

To see a quick free video on  my blog showing how to assemble these squash birds, click here.

Squash and artichoke birds by Ryan Holladay

Squash and artichoke birds by Ryan Holladay

Here is another veggy basket made by one of my blog readers, Rhonda Ashely. One of the comments that she got from a friend was;

“Seriously! This is sooo cool! What did you make the callas out of???”

Vegetable Centerpiece for Thanksgiving by Rhonda Ashley

Vegetable Thanksgiving Centerpiece by Rhonda Ashley

The Calla lilies are made from fennel. Carving Calla Lilies is really quite easy once you know how. I hope that these Thanksgiving centerpieces give you some colorful ideas that you can use for one of your upcoming celebrations. Have fun experimenting!

You can also see some great turkeys carved from  pumpkins.

To see photos of the Thanksgiving Centerpiece that I made for my family, click here.

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Fatima Khan December 2, 2011 at 8:42 pm #

    Hi Nita, All yor center pieces are awesome!!! I loved it!!


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