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When Technology Meets Fruit Carving – iPad and Touch Carving Funny Videos

Do you have a quick moment to have a laugh? Take a look at these two very short and funny videos where technology meets fruit carving.

The iPad is a great tool for those who want to be able to watch my fruit carving video lessons anywhere (as long as you have a high speed internet connections.

But the guy in this video seems content with using his iPad in the kitchen in a different way.  Take a look at this viral video. Even though this video is in German, you certainly don’t need to understand German to get a laugh out of it. Take a look. It’s funny.

It’s titled,

So Papa, How Do You Like the iPad We Gave You?


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If Only?
Watermelon Carving by Touch

This is an ad about “The Power of Touch”. I don’t get how it related to the Windows 8 phone, but it is funny.

If only fruit carving was as simple as that! It can be easy to learn with my lessons but never quite as fast and easy as that. LOL.

I hope these 2 short videos about what can happen when technology meets fruit carving, gave you a smile today.

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