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Talking Watermelon Portrait

Here’s a little something just for fun where I made my watermelon portrait talk.

To learn more about how to carve watermelon portraits (as well as pumpkin portraits), check out my page about my Pumpkin Carving Portrait Course.

 These carved portraits are great for honoring people at weddings, birthdays, anniversaires, promotions, graduations, retirement parties and more.

Learn How to Carve a Watermelon Portrait and Amaze Your Friends and Family

When you learn to carve watermelon portraits, you will amaze your friends and family.People may even begin to ask you to carve portraits for their special events. It’s happened to many of my student/customers.

If you are already in the catering business, or the fruit carving business, you will find watermelon portraits to be an additional unique service to add you your repertoire that your customers will love and remember.

I should rename my Pumpkin Carving Portrait Course because the skills learned in the course also apply to carving watermelon portraits. In my course, you learn how to created your own patterns for carving portraits. You will learn the secrets to what makes a really good pattern for a recognizable portrait. You will learn several ways to transfer your pattern to your watermelon or pumpkin. You’ll learn about the best tools for making patterns, transferring patterns and carving your portraits. You learn how to make 2 toned portraits and how to make multi-shaded portraits, how to light your portraits, how to store them….and lots more.

 Explore how you can make a great watermelon portrait by clicking here.

Learn to carve like a pro

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