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basket weave melon

Students Show Off Their First Basket Weave Melons

Don’t let the beautiful basket weave intimidate you! Although it looks intricate, it’s actually quite simple to carve if you follow the directions in my Basket Weave lesson. Several of my students who have already joined the online-only course,  shared photos of their carving success. If they can do it, so can you! The basket weave […]

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Cake made of fruit

Cakes Made of Fruit – from Pretty to Wild and Wacky

These cakes made of fruit give a whole new meaning to the words fruit cake. In a recent blog post I showed some watermelon cakes similar to the ideas presented in my video lessons Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2.  Now I’ll show you some variations on those ideas. Make sure to read to the end […]

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tiered cakes made from watermelon

Cakes made from Watermelons – a Healthy Alternative to Regular Cakes

For diabetics, vegans, people with gluten allergies and for others who simply want a clean healthy alternative to regular cake, cakes made from watermelons are great.  They are pretty, colorful and pleasing to the eye. From a health perspective, watermelon cakes are a  much better choice because they have none of the artery clogging fat, […]

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Honeydew carving

Honeydew Carving

Honeydew carving can be easier than you think once you are shown how. Here are a couple of melon carvings that I’ll be teaching in videos in my upcoming Carving of the Month Club. Update: Since this blog post was written these Honeydew melon carving lessons are now available. Learn more about my Honeydew Carving […]

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