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The food art of Chinese fruit pit carving

Food Art | Chinese Fruit Pit Carving

Recently, I stumbled upon an amazing food art that has been practiced in China for centuries. It’s a form of fruit carving you could say, but it involves carving the pit of fruits. I’ve never heard of it before but was amazed at how beautiful and intricate it is. China’s Incredible Miniature Food Art This […]

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Cindy Halferty’s Edible Garden House Vegetable Art

The Garden House: A Vegetable Art Idea by Cindy Halferty

Today, I’d like to share a clever vegetable art idea created by one of my readers, Cindy Halferty. This will be especially interesting if you have children in your life. You may have built and decorated a Gingerbread House with your kids during Christmas laced with cookies, icing sugar and candy. Well, here’s a healthy […]

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carl warner food landscapes

Food Landscapes by Carl Warner

Have you ever seen the amazing food landscapes created and photographed by British photographer, Carl Warner? This amazing food artist was brought to my attention this week by one of my customer/students, M. Choquette. British Photographer Creates Food Landscapes that are a Feast for the Eyes. Carl Warner, 45, first draws his ideas, then buys […]

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Gourd art by Daniel Montano

Gourd Art

Take a look at this interesting Gourd Art! Gourd art is not is not exactly what you think of as vegetable and fruit carving but, it is a beautiful art that utilizes dried, hardened ornamental gourds. It’s a different variety of food art. Here are some photos with some fine examples of gourd crafting from […]

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Cofee Art by Chef Said

Coffee Art

Here is some coffee art just for fun. This is not fruit and vegetable carving but it is related to beautiful food presentation. This coffee art video was made by Chef Said. There are so many fun and creative ways to present all kinds of food. I just stumbled across this coffee art  and thought that your […]

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