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Sushi Displays with Fruit and Vegetable Carvings

Are you looking for a few ideas for using vegetable and fruit carvings four your dinner party or buffet layout? These sushi displays might give you some ideas that you can put to use.

Sushi Displays in Uganda

These sushi displays were created by one of my blog readers, Omusugu Henry, who lives in Uganda. These photos show what he created for a seafood night at the Kampala Serena hotel in Kampala, Uganda.
sushi display withcarved melon vessels

Omusugu Henry made a simple but dramatic carved watermelon that he positioned in the back of the table. A mixture of carved vegetables form the centerpiece. And, hollowed out melons were carved to serve as bowls for condiments and sauces.


Here is a closer look at the centerpiece that includes lobster tails as well as carved oranges, green onions, carrots and more.


This pretty sushi display forms a heart shape with a centerpieces made of tomato roses, carved butternut squash, carved cucumbers, and sprigs of dill. The vessels holding condiments and sauces are either melon or butternut squash.

Here is a free lesson that shows how to make tomato roses like the ones seen in the photo above.

One of Henry's dramatic sushi displays

My Hearts and Roses video lessons teach how to make beet and turnip roses.


Carved turnip and beet roses are featured in the center of this sushi tray.

Omusugu Henry made his sushi displays colorful and beautiful, don’t you agree? The fruit and vegetable carvings added color, drama and eye appeal.

You can use these same concepts for any type of food layout. You can do this with fruit or vegetable trays, or sliced meat and cheese trays. Let your imagination be your guide. How will you put the ideas shown in these sushi displays to use?

Learn to carve like a pro

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