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Superbowl Food Ideas

Foorball Pizza

Pizza with a football formed from pepperoni and cheese.

Looking for some ideas for Superbowl food? Whether you are hosting a small get together or a large party, here are a bunch of fun and creative ideas that you can put to use for your party.

These Superbowl food ideas don’t have a piece of fruit anywhere in sight. But this is the Superbowl – the king of junk good events. The following photos feature pizza, burgers, chips, dips, sandwiches, fried food and desserts all in the football theme for Superbowl Sunday.

Recently I showed you some watermelon football helmets. Now, take a look at these amazing superbowl food stadiums.

Superbowl Food for a Crowd

This huge food stadium made of hoagies, pigs in a blanket, chips, dips and crackers is a Superbowl feast.

Superbowl food feast

These next few football stadiums made of meats, cheeses and sandwiches are big enough to feed a crowd.


This Party sized food stadium is quite a production with details right down to the Ding  Dongs and Twinkies to form the cars in the parking lot.

Super bowl food stadium

The men setting up this Superbowl food display gives you a sense of the large size of this Superbowl food display.

setting up super bowl food stadium

Why not add a little dessert by putting chocolate candy around the edges? Is you have a sweet tooth, look further down this page to see a couple of Superbowl food dessert ideas.

super bowl food stadium with candy edges

Superbowl Stadiums Made from Food for Smaller Gatherings

What is you are having a smaller party. This next football stadium is made of chips and dips surrounded by krispy treats would be a bit easier to make.

stadium super bowl food

The next two chip and dip Superbowl food ideas would be perfect for a smaller home party.

chip and dip snack stadium

spuer bowl food chip and dip stadium

super bowl food stadium

More Superbowl food ideas

If you’d rather no make a football stadium form snack foods for your party, maybe you’ll like the following Superbowl food ideas. These are zucchini pancakes cooked in the shape of footballs. You can get the recipe at Hungry


Zucchini fritters shaped like footballs

Here is another great ideas. Football shaped hamburgers. You can get the details showing how to make these at


Foot ball shaped hamburgers on football shaped buns

Football Themed Desserts

For dessert lovers, here are a couple of Superbowl food ideas. How about cocoa krispy treats? Thanks to Kathy Strah, you can get the recipe here.

football shaped cookies

Last but not least is this fantastic football stadium cake. A lot of care and work went into this.

Super Bowl Stadium cake

I hope these photos have given you some ideas and inspiration for making Superbowl food for your party.

Learn to carve like a pro


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