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Summertime Sweet Treats – Watermelon Cakes

Watermelon cakes make a sweet yet healthy summertime treat! Whether you’re celebrating a summer birthday or attending a backyard barbecue, watermelon cakes are an exciting, unexpected alternative to a traditional frosted cake. Your friends and family will surely be impressed with your creative approach to a summertime sweet treat!

Learning to create your very own watermelon cake is easier than you may think. In fact, I offer a two-part watermelon cakes carving course, Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2, that will introduce you to the tools and techniques you need to start creating your own watermelon cakes!

Watermelon Cakes Created by Nita’s Students

Here are some photos of watermelon cakes that my students have created and their feedback on the course:

“I was temporarily detained from pursuing my carving interests, but just had the opportunity  of viewing your Watermelon Cake DVD.  I have attached pics of the cake I prepared for my mother-in-law for her 83rd birthday….know, however, that this watermelon was purchased without carving in mind, which accounts for the fact that it is not round….just for fun and practice I also carved the end of the watermelon that was cut off when making the cake….first try for both….enjoyed your instructions immensely.”

Rose Flores

watermelon cake by Rose Flores

Rose Flores first “fancy” carved watermelon cake after watching Nita’s Watermelon Roses #2 lessons.


watermelon cakes by Rose Flores - side view

Another angle of Rose Flores’ beautiful watermelon cake.

The first lesson is for an easy watermelon cake and the following photos are from students of the easy watermelon cake lesson.


I made my first creation for a picnic in Napa and while putting it in the car it slipped and it didn’t make the picnic, I do have this and few other pictures that I took so I know I did make it. I was able to use the left over fruit to enjoy with the others. Oh well life goes on.

Thank you, Nita Gill, for showing me that there are other ways to present your fruit.”

Marguerita from Vacaville


Marguerita’s first watermelon cake, which sadly did not arrive at the picnic.


I was invited to a family reunion a week after and this is what I took. (It was a) big hit! I was so happy! (It) had them taking pictures. It was gone in no time. That is what I like, that they eat and enjoy what I make. I’ve taken carved  watermelons into swans where the fruit was inside and they didn’t want to eat it.”

Marguerita From Vacaville


Marguerita’s watermelon sheet cake for her family reunion.

Marguerita is the first person that I know who has changed the traditional round watermelon cake into a rectangular sheet cake. What a creative and unique idea!

Another student, Christelle, was excited and looking for an opportunity to make a watermelon cake.

On May 30 this is what Christelle Ngounou wrote:

“Thank you for the lesson. I’m looking out for a party to impress my guest with that cake.”

Christelle Ngounou

Then on June 15th,  she wrote,

“This is what i tried at a party, but not enough time to put the fruits around… thanks for the lesson.”


Christelle’s lovely first attempt at a fruit-filled watermelon cake.

Marcy Taylor discovered that her extra tall watermelon cake attracted more oohs and aahs than a beautiful traditional chiffon cake too.

“Hello Nita!

For the July 4th church picnic, I decided to make and bring two cakes. The chiffon cake with all the strawberries was not chosen by anybody! The beautiful watermelon cake was a big hit!  They have never seen this  before!” 

Marcy Taylor


Marcy’s double decker watermelon cake at her 4th of July church picnic.

I think that Marcy’s large cake was inspired by watermelon cake photos that I published on a previous blog post. You can see these elaborate and impressive watermelon cakes on my blog by clicking here clicking here.

More photos by students of my Easy Watermelon Cakes lesson.

WAtermelon Cake by Dinah Bello

Watermelon Cake by Dinah Bello



Simple watermelon cake by Tala

Here is what one student wrote to me just as I was about to publish this post. She told about how she made a watermelon cake for a diabetic’s 80th birthday party. Her words sum up the pleasure that watermelon cakes can bring, both for the recipient and the creator. Here is what she wrote:

 “I saw your post a year ago and then lost it. Thanks to Beth at Hungry Happenings, there was your post again with a link to the video instruction for the basic cake which is beautiful and easily do-able for everyone as a 1st project. It’s awesome what can be done with a simple watermelon. To bring a watermelon au natural to a party is just not good enough after seeing you creations & those of your followers.

It never ceases to amaze me how you can give the same assignment to 20 people and 20 people will come up with 20 very distinct designs.

Thanks for posting your followers’ photos. From each of those posts one can get new ideas of their own.

Will watch your video again this weekend. The photography is great and your step-by-step instructions are wonderful. I like that you share not only your successes but your snafoos as well. Telling us how to turn a mistake into a success gives us confidence.

Many years ago on a whim I made a watermelon/fruit cake for my multi-millionaire boss’ dad’s big birthday. Relatives from out of town all gathered at the restaurant and the birthday boy was prepared to just look at the usual frosting laden cake while the others ate & enjoyed. He was diabetic so for years all he could do was watch. They said his 80 year old eyes lit up when my watermelon cake was brought out & he talked about it for weeks. Even the restaurant staff were amazed. Apparently most guests “went for” the watermelon cake instead of the restaurant provided frosting one.

There was no salary raise for me (booo), but to have made an older person that happy just made my day and years later I’m still happy to have done it. Of course, it was no where near as fancy as the ones you make, but no one should get discouraged. If you don’t try you’ll never succeed. Your video instructions are the best & I’ll be watching the lesson over and over again.

Thanks again for the video post, photos and reader submissions.



Watermelon cake by René Chmelař, who shared this photo on our Facebook page.

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For step by step instructions showing how to make 3 types of watermelon cakes, go to Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2.

Learn to carve like a pro

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