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Summer Picnic Ideas

picnic ideas for August picnic month

August is National Picnic Month

August is National Picnic Month, so today I wanted to share some creative picnic ideas with you.

Having an outdoor picnic with fresh food and fun games is a classic summer activity and can bring out the kid in anyone! Even the simplest foods taste wonderful when packed in a picnic basket and eaten outside in the sun. It gives everyone a chance to relax and get a little silly with fun family games before the kids go back to school. So I invite you to pack a basket and enjoy some sun and fresh air with these creative picnic ideas.

Fun and Creative Picnic Ideas

One of the easiest picnic ideas is to pack sandwiches, some fruit, drinks and a salad. You can keep your sandwiches as simple as you like or you can get a little more gourmet by adding fresh herbs like basil and cilantro, soft cheeses such as brie or gorgonzola and special spreads such as roasted red pepper hummus. Yum!

Here are a few more creative picnic ideas that you might like to try!


picnic ideas tomato avocado wraps

Try making wraps or tortillas instead of the traditional sandwich for your picnic

Instead of the classic sandwich, put your favorite fillings inside a tortilla. You can either make them ahead of time or bring ingredients separately and have everyone make their own tortilla. They’re fun to roll so the kids can get involved as well. Some of my favorite fillings include turkey breast, cucumber, tomato, avocado, sprouts and hummus. Pick your favorites and get as creative as you like!

Gazpacho Soup

picnic ideas gazpacho soup

Gazpacho soup makes a cool and refreshing picnic lunch

Gazpacho is a cold soup originating from Spain. Gazpacho is usually made with vegetables including tomato, cucumber, bell peppers, onion, herbs such as cilatro and parsley, olive oil, red wine viegar and salt and pepper to taste. Last week, I shared an idea for watermelon gazpacho on my blog. Since it was National Watermelon Day in early August, you can include this delicious fruit in your picnic by trying out some of the Tasty Watermelon Recipes I posted last week. 

Fruit Skewers

picnic ideas fruit kabobs with dip

Another great picnic idea: fruit kabobs with dip

One of my favorite picnic ideas involves making fruit kabobs or skewers with yogurt dip. It’s a healthy dessert that’s perfect for hot summer days. Fruit skewers are so simple to make – simple cut your favorite fruits into cubes and arrange them on wooden skewers. You can include cubed cheese to the skewers for some added protein. These are always a big hit with the kids!

Cold Pizza

cold pizza picnic ideas

Cold pizza is an easy, no-fuss picnic idea

Instead of cold sandwiches for your picnic, try cold pizza! Pizza still tastes great the next day when it’s cold so why not give it a try at your next picnic? You can always make your own pizzas the night before and keep them in the fridge until they are ready to go into your picnic basket. This may end of up getting the kids’ vote for top picnic ideas!

Vietnamese Salad Rolls

Vietnamese salad rolls picnic ideas

Pack along homemade salad rolls for a cool and light picnic meal

Out of all the picnic ideas listed here, this one requires a little more preparation but it’s worth it! Vietnamese salad rolls are light, fresh and burst with flavour in every bite.

What you’ll need:

-“rice paper wraps” and “vermicelli noodles” (try your local Asian market), vegetables (cucumber, lettuce and carrots), herbs (Thai basil, cilantro and mint), sliced cooked chicken, beef or shrimp, bottled sweet chili dipping sauce (found in the Asian aisle at most grocery stores).


Prepare the salad on the day of the picnic. Cook vermicelli noodles according to package directions and drain. Julienne the vegetables and chop the herbs. Heat water in a wide pot/pan until warm. Dip the rice paper wraps in the warm water until softened and place onto a plate. In the center of the wrap, put vegetables and noodles, meat and herbs. Roll up by folding top corner (closest to you) down over the filling, fold the two sides in toward the center and then continue rolling to the bottom of the rice paper roll. Cover with plastic wrap and pack it in your basket along with the bottled sweet chili sauce for dipping. Give it a try – it may end up being one of your favorite picnic ideas!

Get Active With These Fun Picnic Ideas

Picnic ideas to get the family moving

Get the family moving with fun picnic games

There are many fun picnic ideas to get the family up and moving. It’s always good to get the kids to burn off some energy before school starts in September!

Some active picnic ideas you might like to include in your outing are frisbee, tug of war, water balloon fights or even a simple game of tag. Some other interesting things you can do include hula hooping or bringing a pinata along! The list is endless so if you have some favorite picnic ideas that get your whole family moving, I’d love to hear them!

I hope you’ve had a great summer so far. I encourage you to take advantage of the sunshine and head outdoors to enjoy a few of these picnic ideas!

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