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Truly Remarkable Sugar Art

sugar-art-michelle_wibowo_qYet another amazing example of creative food art is sugar art. Even though we focus on fruit and vegetable carving, there are many types of remarkable edible art, such as salt art and latte art, and we love to support all forms of artistic food.
Sugar artist Michelle Wibowo won first and second place at the 2012 Culinary Olympics in Germany for her two incredibly lifelike sugar sculptures. Her amazing representation of Queen Elizabeth II won the gold medal for the Patisserie category and her Welsh corgi dog, which was created as an English fruit cake, won silver in the Culinary Artistry – Cold Food division.

Amazing Sugar Art by Michelle Wibowo

Michelle sculpted the two sugar art pieces over two weeks and used over 55 pounds of sugar paste, also known as fondant. Her hard work resulted in two amazing works of food art. If you didn’t know these were made out of sugar, you likely never would have guessed it!
Queen Elizabeth II Sugar Art

Queen Elizabeth II as a sugar art sculpture at the 2012 Culinary Olympics. She captured the Queen beautifully!


Welsh corgi dog

Michelle’s Welsh corgi dog sugar art, which won second place at the 2012 Culinary Olympics.

Just before I was about to publish this post, food artist and chef Modie Moore who attended and competed in the 2012 Culinary Olympics sent me some of his photos that show the close up details of Michelle’s prize winning cakes.

Queen Elizabeth Decorated Cakecoration

Look at the details in the face!

When I first received Modie’s email with these photos, the photo below of the hands in the first image I opened to look at. My first thought was, “Why is Modie sending me photos of someone’s hands?” Then I realized that these are not real hands but the hand of Michelle’s Queen Elizabeth sugar sculpture! Amazing!


Even the hands are realistic looking.

corgi decorated cake

Look at the realistic details of this corgi’s face down to the shiny nose and the drop on the tongue.

I am in awe! Michelle is so talented and skilled. She totally deserves to have won first and second place. (In all fairness to the other contestants, I was not there to see the competition but I don’t think I’ve ever seen such realistic sculpting with cake and icing).

Michelle and Her Sugar Art at the 2012 Culinary Olympics

Michelle with her first and second place creations at the 2012 Culinary Olympics.

Michelle with her first and second place creations at the 2012 Culinary Olympics.

The Culinary Olympics take place ever four years and bring together the best chefs and food artists in the world. In addition to sugar art, the Culinary Olympics also hosts a fruit and vegetable carving competition.
In an upcoming post, I’ll be showing you a sampling of other entries in a variety of divisions at the Culinary Olympics, including Modie Moore’s bronze prize winning chocolate sculpture of a wolf. The variety of creativity displayed is fun to see.
Here is a video of artist Michelle  Wibowo and her amazing sugar art or Queen Elizabeth and her corgi on UK  TV Sunday Brunch show.
Who knew you could make such amazing creations using sugar art?

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