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Students show off their watermelon fruit salad baskets

Summer is the perfect time for making pretty watermelon baskets. They always get lots of ooohs and aaaahs.

Beautiful Watermelon Fruit Salad Basket
with rose carved handle

Customer / student Larry Slawson made this beautiful watermelon fruit salad basket. He carved the roses and leaves into the handle of his basket and made neat zig-zag cuts all around to finish the edges of his basket.

Larry Slawson who is a student of my video lessons, "Carving Watermelons - Roses, Buds and Leaves" made this beautiful watermelon fruit salad basket.

Larry Slawson who is a student of my video lessons, “Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves” made this beautiful watermelon fruit salad basket.

Here is a closer look at the roses that Larry carved onto the handle of his watermelon basket. You can learn to carve roses and leaves like these in my video lessons, Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves.

another example of watermelon fruit salad baskets by Larry Slawson

Look how pretty Larry’s basket looked as part of the buffet display. Lovely!

watermelon fruit salad basket in buffet

Wedding Shower and Baby Shower Watermelon Fruit Salad Baskets

Next we have a pretty watermelon fruit salad basket made by student Kay Bullard that she made for a wedding shower.

Hi Nita,
The basket weave is my next project; but I wanted to show you the watermelon fruit basket I prepared for a wedding shower using the vegetable curler, carrot curler and wavy peeler. Love these new tools!!
Kay Bullard

The basket weave that Kay is referring to is taught in my Basket Weave video lessons.

Kay Bullard's watermelon basket

Kay made a simple and pretty watermelon basket by carving large scallops about the edge and decorating the handle with a variety of carved vegetables.

She made cucumber leaves, carrot flowers and more. Here are the links to the tools that Kay mentioned using.  Vegetable Curler  –   Carrot Curler   –   Wavy Peeler

I show how to make several varieties of vegetable flowers using the larger vegetable curler in a free lesson here.

Closer look at Kay's veggy flowers.

Closer look at Kay’s veggy flowers. The yellow jagged petal flower on the far side of the handle is made from yellow squash.

Kay's wedding shower basket

Kay also carved the top of the handle with the initials of the bride to be. Look how cleanly she hollowed out the watermelon before putting the fruit salad into the basket.

By the way, carving initials like this on the handle is best done while the watermelon is still whole and not hollowed out. Otherwise, the handle can be too fragile and could break while carving.

You can learn to carve letters and words onto watermelons and pumpkins with my video lessons, Carving Letters and Words.

Horse Carriage Watermelon Basket

watermelon carriage with horse by Debbie Farnsworth

Debbie Farnsworth made this creative horse carriage watermelon fruit salad basket for a baby shower.

I piped the horse from chocolate and made this carriage for a baby shower. The guests and mother were all AHH over the carving. They loved it greatly.

horse carriage watermelon fruit salad basket by Debbie Farnsworth

Debbie Farnsworth’s horse carriage watermelon fruit salad served as a pretty centerpiece on the buffet table.

Thank you to Larry Slawson, Kay Bullard and Debbie Farnsworth for sharing their photos with us.

I hope that these photos give you some great ideas for making watermelon fruit salad baskets for an upcoming event of your own.

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