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Students Share their Star Flower Carvings

Some of my students have sent in photos of their first Star Flower carvings after watching my video lessons of the same name. Today, I’ll share their photos with you.

I love to see the first attempts of my students. Even better, I love to see how their skill progress as they learn and practice. When looked back upon later, those first carvings give evidence of how much they improve over time.

The first of the student Star Flower carvings - Watermelon bowl with star flower pattern by Iris De La Cruz

Student/customer Iris De La Cruz carving this pretty watermelon bowl with the star flower pattern. She created a lovely arrangement by placing it on a silver platter with grapes around the bottom.

Hi Nita,
Here is the flower watermelon bowl I carved after purchasing your lesson just for fun. Also, I made the radish bouquet from your free lesson for a first communion. I will be carving watermelons for a graduation and a wedding in the next coming weeks. I am truly enjoying following your lessons and creating these beautiful work of art. It’s been very inspiring and I’m looking forward to many more carvings!

Your happy carver,


Because Iris mentioned her radish bouquet, I’m showing that to you, too.

radish bouquet by Iris De La Cruz

Here is Iris’ radish bouquet that she made for a First Communion celebration after watching my free Radish bouquet lesson.

If you have not yet seen my Free Radish Bouquet lesson yet, you can sign up for it on this page, or by clicking here.

Star flower bowl by Anna Lany

This was student/customer Anna Nguyen’s first Star Flower Bowl. She did a very good job, didn’t she?

The Star Flower Pattern is great for Pumpkins, too.

After watching my video lesson, and then seeing our blog post showing the star pattern carved onto a pumpkin, Anne Bennett shared her eye-catching version of it with her own added touches.

Star flower pumpkin vase by Anne Bennett

Student/customer Anne Bennett carved the star flower pattern into a pumpkin and used it as a vase for orange tipped yellow roses and surrounded it with Autumn leaves to make a lovely arrangement.

Thx for your dvd…so wonderful and well done and plain to understand. I did the star on a pumpkin at Thanksgiving time and carved a small hole in top and dropped a Dixie cup to hold roses and spread garland of silk leaves . My camera is so so so and I’m not a photographer …. as well seen. Don’t know if you can use this or not…but I would understand. thx Anne

Star flwer carvings look great of pumpkins, too. Anne's pumpkin vase with twinkle lights in leaves

Here’s another view of Anne’s pumpkin vase arrangement. Notice that she wove twinkle light into the fall leaves at the base. The lights don’t show up well because of the flash used when taking a photo but I’ll bet it looked beautiful live. This is a fun idea that you can put to use.

Important Tips for Making Pumpkin Vases

You can make pretty pumpkin vases carved with any design that you like. To see a short video on this blog showing how to make pumpkin vases including some important tips  for avoiding disaster, click here.

Here’s one more photo of a student’s star flower bowl.

star flower bowl Julio Di Filippo

This is Julio Di Filippo’s first watermelon bowl with the star flower pattern. He topped it with a pretty apple bird.

I hope that you enjoyed seeing a sampling of my students’ first Star Flower Carvings on both watermelons and pumpkins. Maybe they inspired you, or gave you an idea that you can put to use. Or maybe you’ll think that you can do better? You’ll never know until you give it a try.

You’ll find out more information about our Star Flower video lessons in our online shop. Available on both DVD and online lessons, you can start learning right away.

Do you have photos of your Star Flower carvings to Share?

If you are a student of my Star Flower video lessons, and you want to share your photo, you can respond to one of my emails and attach your photo. I’ll look forward to seeing it. You may find your photo featured in this post.

Happy Carving!

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