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Students Carve Their First Watermelon Rose

I’ve received many e-mails and photos from students who have succeeded in carving their first watermelon rose. I thought you might like to see them. Earlier on my blog, I showed pictures of beautiful beet rose carvings by beginner students. Now, you can see the first melon rose carvings, too.

You may have seen different watermelon rose carvings while on vacation at a resort or in pictures and thought, “Oh, that’s too hard” or “The carver must have had years of experience”.

Well, read on to see what these students were able to achieve with their very first watermelon rose carving, through my video instructions alone!

Beginner Watermelon Rose Carvings

One of my readers, Tahir Ali Butt, has really impressed me with his watermelon carvings. Look at this lovely watermelon rose that he made and decorated:

Beginner watermelon rose by Ali Butt

Ali’s first watermelon rose carving taught in Nita’s Carving Watermelons – Roses, Beds and Leaves Video Lessons

Ali also wrote me this message:

Hi Nita,

My wife Susana and me are over the moon. I can’t believe my little effort could be so rewarding. Now I am more excited and motivated to go to the next level.

Ragards, Ali”

What a pretty watermelon rose, Ali. Great job!

I know it seems hard to believe that it took such little effort, as Ali said, but with the step by step instructions provided in my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video Lesson, it’s easy for anyone to learn to carve their first watermelon rose.

Imagine presenting these carved watermelon rose cake  or this honeydew carved with roses and rose buds at your next dinner or event!

Carved Watermelon rose cake and honeydew rose

Mike Ghali’s watermelon rose cake and honeydew carved with roses and rose buds

These gorgeous cakes were made by one of my readers, Mike Ghali.

If you’ve read my blog before, you’ll know that the first carving I ever made was a watermelon cake for a loved one who had to eliminate wheat and sugar from her diet. It went over so well and helped my loved one to feel like she was still indulging in cake!

A watermelon cake is great idea for anyone who is trying to eat a healthier diet. There is already so much refined sugar in everything else we eat that watermelon cakes make a refreshing and healthy alternative.

Another student, Liway Caudra first wrote this to me:

I have been carving for my friends on their parties or special occasions and even at the church but I am still open to learn new ideas and new carving techniques. The radish bouquet was really awesome in fact it convinced me this morning to order the 11 week online video course with the DVD set including the carving knife, sponsored by my and employer and friends.”

Two days after Liway received her DVDs, she sent me this along with her photos.

Hi Nita,

I love the carving knife and I started to practice. I’m attaching 2 photos of my first carving lesson.

Many thanks!


Watermelon rose pattern carved on honeydew

Student Liway’s melon carvings after watching Nita’s Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video Lessons

Didn’t Liway do a wonderful job on her first rose melon carvings?

If you liked Mike and Liway’s watermelon rose carvings and want to learn how to do this yourself, you can find my Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video Lesson and the necessary tools in my shop. This lesson is available separately or as lesson # 11 in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 – Eleven Week Course for Beginners, where you’ll learn many carving techniques including how to make fruit bouquets, radish flowers, turnip butterflies and much more.

Watermelon Rose Patterns Can Be Used With Other Fruits and Vegetables

Stay tuned for an upcoming post that will show how these same watermelon rose patterns can be applied to other types of fruits and veggies other than melons.

In the meantime, check out these past posts to see more watermelon rose photos made by students of my Hearts and Roses and Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves Video lessons:

Vegetable and Fruit Carving Student Success Story – Avi Livne

Students Showcase Beet Rose and Watermelon Rose Carvings

Students Carve Their First Beet Roses

Show Us YOUR First Watermelon Rose Carving!

Are you ready to make your first watermelon rose carving?

If you’ve been thinking about trying out fruit and vegetable carving as a hobby or as a way to expand your services as a chef or caterer, my online shop includes beginner and intermediate video lessons and all the tools needed to get started on your carving adventures! It can also start with carving your first watermelon rose.

Learn to carve like a pro

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5 Responses to Students Carve Their First Watermelon Rose

  1. anie riz January 31, 2012 at 2:56 am #

    sooooooooo sweeeeeeeeeeet nita i love ur work sooooooo much ,i m trying to learn ,oh god bless me aameen :)))))))))

  2. neda January 20, 2014 at 7:20 am #

    Nita , some of your work is unbelievable really you are a genius, and you are full of ideas I am from pakistan, and its not that easy to get these tools, yet, im trying to find.
    with love

    • Nita January 22, 2014 at 6:31 pm #

      Thank you Neda. You may order tools from my online shop and we can ship them to you.


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