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Students Carve Their First Beet Rose

carved beet rose

This beet rose was one of Ali Tahir’s first rose carvings.

I’d like to share photos that some of my students have sent me of their first carved beet rose. There is something about a deep red rose that just feels so romantic, don’t you think? What I like about these beet roses is that not only do they make a beautiful centerpiece, they are also delicious when cooked and added to a meal.

The best part is that making a beet rose is easier than you think!

Beet Rose Carvings by First Timers

After Christmas, a new student named Judy sent me a photo of her first attempt at carving beet rose.

Judy's beet rose carvings

Judy Bralley’s first carved turnip and beet roses that caused cameras to be “flashing all night” when Judy brought this bouquet to a party.

Judy also wrote this message:

Merry Christmas to you! Not only did I thoroughly enjoy the video lesson, applying what I learned the very next day; but was overwhelmed by the response of my family when I took two of my first creations to our Christmas party last night! Everyone was amazed!! They couldn’t believe that the roses were made from Turnips and Beets!! The cameras were flashing all night!

I can tell you I had a ball creating the beautiful roses and making the fabulous arrangement. Looking at the photos, however, I realize that I went a bit overboard on the Kale. Lesson learned.

Anyway, just a report from one satisfied student (I don’t consider myself just a customer)!

I hope you enjoy the photos.

Again, Thank You and Merry Christmas!

Judy Bralley”

You did a wonderful job Judy. I liked the way you arranged the two types of roses with the leafy kale to make a lovely bouquet. I’m not surprised that everyone was impressed!

Judy learned to carve both the beet rose and the turnip rose in my Hearts and Roses Video Lessons. Like Judy, students who showcase what they learned in these lessons usually get a lot of “ooohs” and “ahhhs” and cameras flashing!

This rose bouquet was one of Phung Nguyen first attempts at carving beet and turnip roses.

Beet Rose and Turnip Rose Carvings arranged in a Bouquet with Radish Flowers

Phung Nguyen’s first beet rose carvings, arranged with radish flowers

Phung wrote an email to me saying:

I want to tell you a story when I bring some stuff I practiced to my school and showed for everybody just like you said. I start to hear : ohh…ahh…I just smile and say in my mind ‘thanks to Nita, I am so proud about my skill. You are a good teacher’.

Phung Nguyen”

Phung, you did really great work here. I like how you added the radish flowers too!

Phung also her own variation of radish flowers which add a pretty color contrast to her bouquet.

If you’d like to try making an easy radish flower carving, you can sign up for my free lesson at the top of this page.

And, more type of radish flowers are taught in my Vegetable and Fruit Carving Course 101 Course for Beginners and our newest DVD, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.

More Beet Rose Carvings by Beginner Students

This photo is from Tahir Ali Butt from Sydney, Australia.

Beginner student makes Beet Rose Carving in Coffee Cup by Ali Tahir Butt

Beet Rose Carving by Tahir Ali  Butt arranged by his wife Susana

After making this pretty beet rose, Ali wrote to me and said:

Hi Nita, This is my first attempt with these designs. My wife Susana is doing the final decoration. She is chasing me with the camera all the time.

Regards, Ali from Sydney Australia”

That sounds like a fun hobby for both and Ali and his wife to share!

Are you getting ideas for your romantic dinner yet? The nice thing about these beet rose carvings is that they can be used for many special occasions, such as Mother’s Day or even Easter. They are just an elegant addition to any meal or celebration.

If you want to see more rose carvings, check out these past blog posts to see even more beginner student successes with carving a beet rose and watermelon roses:

More Roses Carved from Various Color Beets

By the way, watermelon rose carvings are taught in my DVD titled Carving Watermelons – Roses, Buds and Leaves. This lesson is sold separately or as lesson # 11 in the Vegetable and Fruit Carving 101 – Eleven Week Course for Beginners.

Yes, You Can Learn to Carve a Beet Rose

Carving a beet rose is impressive and looks fancy, but it really is easier than you think! The beet roses we saw earlier were all made by first time carvers, and everyone who saw their work were amazed and said “WOW!”

Hearts and Roses Video Lessons

Carvings Taught in Hearts and Roses Video Lessons

My Hearts and Roses Video Lessons will give you step by step instructions on how to carve a beautiful beet rose like the ones you just saw. And don’t worry, you won’t need any special tools to do this!  I created this series so you can try out fruit and vegetable carving using kitchen tools you already have at home. But once you start to get the “oooohs” and “aaahhs”, you might be hooked.

I’ve made it easy for you to access more lessons and the necessary tools at one stop through my online shop.

I hope you enjoyed the pictures of students carving their first beet roses. I hope that you realize that if these beginner students can carve these lovely roses, so can you.

If you have fun or beautiful ideas centerpieces or garnishes for a romantic dinner, we’d love to hear about it. And if you carve your first beet rose, send me a photo.

Learn to carve like a pro

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