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Student Carvings from 201 Course Lessons

I’d like to show off some off what some of my student/customers have made after watching the lessons that are included in our 201 Course. Here are 15 photos that have been submitted by students. You’ll see photos of carving made from our lessons, Carving Letters and Words 1,2 and 3, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang, Watermelon Cakes 1 and 2, and our Scroll Pattern lesson. All of these are included in our 201 Course, Beyond the Basics.

Carving Letters and Words Lessons are in 201 Course

one of the Student Carvings from 201 Course - carved watermelon for baby shower by Cindy Rozich

Customer/Student Cindy Rozich carved this lovely watermelon with script font for a baby shower. You will learn how to carve custom melons like these in our Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

Carving Letters and Words plus Melon Carving -Smooth and Jagged Petals

"Morning Tea" Carved watermelon by Hannah Perryman

This lovely watermleon was carved by Hannah Perryman of Australia. It was made for a nation wide charity ‎in Australia called the Biggest Morning Tea. Is a cancer council event held all over the nation. Carving of words is taught in our lessons Carving Letters and Words while the zig-zag petals around the border are taught in our lessons, Melon Carving, Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Not only is Hannah’s carving visually impressive, it was generous of her to donate her carving to help out the Biggest Morning Tea Charity.

watermelon carving by Bruce Williams

Customer/Student Bruce Williamson made this beautiful watermelon carving. You can learn how to carve the letters and pattern in our Carving Letters and Words lessons. The petals around the border are taught in our lessons Melon Carving -Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals

honeydew melon by Timothy Thurn

This honeydew carved by customer/student Timothy Thurn is taught in our lessons, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Thanks for the encouragement. I did a few watermelon carvings for a buffet at work and now they want me to do more for all events. Go figure! I need to find a way to make it part of my salary. With more practice I would like to start a part time business. I will send more pics as to my progress and once again Thanks for the great lessons.

Honeydew with jagged petals by Anny Lany

Customer/Student Anna Lany shared a photo of her very first honeydew carved with the jagged petals after learning from our video lessons, Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Remember that some of these carvings are the first try of students. And, the photos are not professional photos, but photos submitted by students that they took themselves. Even though the photo quality may not be super fine, it’s nice to be able to share these photos by students.

Students’ creations after learning from our lessons,
Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang

radish cantaloupe bouquet by Julio Di Filippo

Julio Di Fillipo created this gorgeous bouquet with fancy vase after watching the video we produced called Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang. It is one of the lesson sets in our 201 Course.

Another on the student carvings fro the 201 Course by Diep-Tran

Deip Tran made this colorful daisy bouquet from root vegetables. You can learn how in our video lesson, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang.


These carrot flowers are also taught in our video lessons, video lesson, Amazing Carving with Jimmy Zhang. This is Anna Lany’s first carrot bouquet.

beet daisy bouquet by Julio Di Filippo

Here is another variation of the daisy bouquet by student/customer Julio Di Filippo. Like many of my students, Julio carves as a hobby.

Watermelon Cakes are also included in the 201 Course, Beyond the Basics

watermelon cake by Diep Tran

After watching our Watermelon Cakes lessons, Deip Tran created this lovely watermelon cake for the wedding rehearsal dinner of a friend’s son.


These are student Anna Lany’s first watermelon cakes that she made after learning from our Watermelon Cakes Lessons. She made a 2 tiered “cake topped with carved watermelon roses and strawberry flowers.


This is Julio Di Filippo’s variation of a watermelon cake that he made after watching our Watermelon Cakes #2 Lessons. He made it to celebrate a 43rd birthday.

Scroll Pattern Lesson is also included in the 201 Course – Beyond the Basics

Student/customer Diep Tran's scroll melon carving

Student/customer Diep Tran’s 2nd Scroll Pattern melon carving

Hi Nita.
I got the lesson quite some time, finally I got the nerve to practice on honey dew then watermelon. Your lesson is so easy to follow than I thought. Thanks for being wonderful teacher.
Diep Tran


This is Anna Lany’s first scroll pattern watermelon carving.

You can learn how to carve a lovely Scroll pattern watermelon in our Scroll Pattern video lessons. Like all of the lessons shown above, the Scroll Pattern lessons are also included in our 201 Course – Beyond the Basics.

The scroll Pattern can be added to carvings as a border around other carvings. Customer/student Danielle Plante added a scroll like pattern surrounding the heart in her lovely carving below.

heart watermelon by Danielle Plante

customer / student Danielle Plante combined a number of techniques in her beautiful watermelon carving. She added some scrolls surrounding the heart.

I did this carving last weeks and I really like how it turned out.
It’s always inspiring to see all the beautiful carvings that we receive via your newsletters.
Thank you and have a great summer.
Danielle Plante

Want to expand your skills to WOW you guests with carvings like these student carvings from 201 Course

To summarize, all of these dazzling photos on this page were created by student/customers who have joined our various lessons that make up our 210 Course – Beyond the Basics. If you want to astonish your friends and family, or even your clients with carvings like these, You can! Click here to find out more about our 201 Course. You’ll get complete detailed lessons like what you would get in a live classroom. Only it’s better because you can go back and watch them to refresh your memory at any time.

Thank You to student/customers who contributed these photos

I hope that you’ve enjoyed seeing these photos of student carvings from 201 Course  lessons. (By the way, even though I refer to these folks as students, some are pros and some simply enjoy carving as a hobby.) A big thank you goes out to Anna Lany, Bruce Williamson, Cindy Rozich, Danielle Plante, Deip Tran, Hannah Perryman, Julio Di Filippo, and Timothy Thurn, for sharing their marvelous creations with us. Keep up the good work….I mean play. ; )

Learn to carve like a pro

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  1. Luann Ortmeier February 14, 2017 at 9:30 am #

    Those are really beautiful!!

    I LOVE getting your emails! They are very uplifting! My SMILE for the day!

    • Nita Gill February 15, 2017 at 4:52 pm #

      I”m so glad that you enjoy seeing the carvings, ideas and other info I send in emails. Thanks for letting me know. Happy Carving!

  2. Reynaldo August 6, 2017 at 8:57 am #

    Hola. nita Gill. Me encanta como realiza su trabajo en la decoracion. De frutas y verduras es un Arte lo que usted realiza. He visto varios de sus videos. Mi probelma es que mi ingles no es muy bueno. Yo he aprendido algunas cosas de usted es ver como los realiza pero casi no entie do lo que usted dice en Ingles. Dios le bendiga. Al leer el ingles comprendo un poco mas.

    • Nita Gill August 7, 2017 at 1:54 pm #

      Thank you Reynaldo. I’m glad you enjoy the lessons. I once had a woman write to tell me that she was learning English through my videos.

      For my English Speaking customers, here is the translation via Google Translate:

      “Hi. Nita Gill. I love how she does her work in decorating. Of fruits and vegetables is an Art what you realize. I’ve seen several of his videos. My problem is that my English is not very good. I have learned some things from you is to see how you do them but almost do not understand what you say in English. God bless you. When I read the English I understand a little more.”

  3. thankammadevarajan August 6, 2018 at 1:54 am #

    fantastic & amazing creative art.

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