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Quick and Easy Strawberry Garnishes

Strawberries are coming into season here in Southern California. Yummy, red, luscious strawberries.

Strawberries aren’t exactly the best or most popular fruit for carving. But there are a couple of pretty and super simple strawberry garnishes that you can make. One is a super simple way  to dress up a drink. It would be perfect with a frozen strawberry smoothie or ice cream shake. The other quick strawberry garnish is a strawberry fan that you can use to dress up a plate, individual servings of fruit salad or a dessert.

Garnishes like these, although super easy, can add that extra touch that elevates your drink or dessert to something special.

This 1 minute video will show you how. Take a look.

Now that you know how, you can use these quick and easy strawberry garnishes to dress up your food and drink presentation.

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