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Star Flower Pumpkin Pattern

A couple of weeks ago, I appeared on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show. One of the patterns that I created for the appearance was a Star Flower Pattern.

Since pumpkin season is here, I wanted to show you how the same pattern can be used to carve a pretty pumpkin. This looks great even without being lit from inside. If you want to learn more about this Star Flower Pumpkin Pattern, click here. You’l be able to carve this pattern and impress your guests year round.

Pumpkin pattern star flower

This pretty Star Flower pumpkin pattern is taught in my Star Flower video lessons.

star flower pumpkin pattern

The exact same carving techniques that are taught using a watermelon in the step-by-step video instructions can be used to carve the same pattern on a pumpkin. That way you can made beautiful star flower watermelon bowls in the summer and  strikingly pretty star flower pumpkin in the fall.

Cristina Ferrare with Nita Gill on Hallmark's Home and Family Show

Cristina Ferrare and Nita Gill on Hallmark’s Home and Family Show

Closer look at Nit'as Star Flower Bowl on Halmmark Channel's Home and Famiy Show

Closer look at Nita’s Star Flower Bowl on Hallmark Channel’s Home and Family Show

3 Ways to Use Your Star Flower Pumpkin Pattern

Pretty flower pumpkin patterns are not just for Halloween. You could hollow our your star flower pumpkin and use it as a pumpkin lantern. Or, you could cut off the top and use it as a vase for an autumn flower arrangement. Or you could even use it as a soup pot to serve as the table. Just pour your soup into the pumpkin bowl just before serving. Test it before hand to make sure that it does not leak. Test it by filling it with water.

Happy Carving!

Learn to carve like a pro

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