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Spice Explosion – a Vibrant Feast for the Senses

spice art explosion

This choreographed explosion of spices set to music is a feast for the eyes AND ears.

The videos on this page are really WOW! A true feast for the eyes and ears.

I recently posted a blog about Kelly McCollam’s works of spice art and while looking for more spice art, came across this fantastic video of a choreographed spice explosion. The spice brand Schwartz, commissioned this amazing video where about 140 bags of colorful spices are detonated in time to the music, creating a vibrant array of color, flavor and sound.

Bags of garlic, basil, chili peppers, cumin and other spices were arranged in a circle and then timed to explode with the notes of the music. This resulted in a beautiful display of spice explosions.

Here is the musical spice art explosion for your viewing pleasure: (Imagine how it must have smelled.)

If you’d like to learn more about how this spice explosion video was made, check out this behind the scenes clip. It’s pretty entertaining. Not only does it show the thoughtful planning and crafting that it took, it includes some really cool slow mo images of flying herbs, spices and grains not seen in the video above. It’s short. I find it inspiring to see the creativity in action.



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