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Wedding Carving Patterns for Pumpkins and Watermelons


NEW! You'll WOW your guests! Variety of carving patterns for wedding and other love related celebrations. Ready to print on Pattern Transfer Fabric and Paper. This is a digital product.


These carving patterns for pumpkins and watermelons are ready to go for weddings, showers and other love related celebrations. You’ll be carving your decorative pumpkins and watermelons WAY faster, and easier than creating your own patterns. These are digital patterns that are ready to print onto our Pattern Transfer Paper or Pattern Transfer Fabric. You’ll get to the fun part of carving right away. Your carvings will look like a pro did them.

There are 9 different patterns with 19 total variations. Some of the variations have “flipped” images so that they are ready to print onto our Pattern Transfer Paper without any additional steps being required. And because they are .pdfs, it’s super easy to adjust the size of your pattern to fit the size of your pumpkin or watermelon. I’ll show you how to do that.

Our video lessons, Words and Letters 1,2, & 3, are the perfect companion lessons to go with these patterns. In the lessons, you learn how to carve words and patterns onto both watermelons and pumpkins. You will learn several ways to transfer your patterns including using our time saving Pattern Transfer Paper and Fabric. And, you will learn how to make your own patterns.

You can get the recommended lessons and transfer papers right below.

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