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Watermelon Carving Patterns Easter


These three printable patterns are perfect for Easter. This is a digital product. Upon purchase you will be sent a download link so that you can print and carve right away. Our Pattern Transfer Fabric is highly recommended to use with these patterns.

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Wow your guests with beautiful Easter watermelon carvings. These three printable watermelon carving patterns are perfect for any Easter celebration. This is a digital product. Upon purchase you will be sent a download link so that you can print and start carving right away

You’ll get a cross pattern, a “Happy Easter” pattern with bunny paws and an adorable bunny emerging from an Easter egg. The designs will allow you to carve watermelons just like these.

Watermelon carving patterns Easter

These watermelon carving patterns for Easter were created for my student/customers who have some basic carving skills. So, carving lessons are not included with the patterns. If you are not familiar with carving patterns onto watermelons, you can learn how in our Carving Letters and Words video lessons. The techniques that you will learn in Carving Letters and Words can be applied to carving graphic patterns like these.

If you carve the same cross pattern seen above, but in reverse, it will look like the photo below. Personally, I prefer the cross carving above, but this version is faster to carve. (Next time, I’ll pick a better shaped watermelon. Ha.)

watermelon caring cross pattern - opposite

You can print our Easter patterns on any paper. However, for best results, our Pattern Transfer Fabric is highly recommended.

Please note that the Pattern Transfer Paper is not included with the purchase of these digital patterns. You can get your Pattern Transfer paper by clicking here.

Recommended Pattern Transfer Fabric

Our Pattern Transfer Fabric is highly recommended to use with these patterns. These Easter themed watermelon carving patterns can be printed on any paper. However, the transfer pattern fabric makes it fast and easy to carve any printable pattern. You just print the pattern onto the special fabric, peel off the backing, stick in on your watermelon, and carve. When you are done, the remaining pattern is easy to peel off. It’s the fastest and easiest way of transferring your pattern to your watermelon. You’ll save a ton of time and will find it easy to carve right through the fabric – like tracing – to get professional looking results. Your friends and family will be impressed!

Adding additional trimming to your watermelon carving patterns for Easter.

After you carve your pattern, you may add additional finishes to your watermelon carving as shown in the following photos. The simple scalloped edge on the Happy Easter watermelon was added using a medium small u-cutter. You can make scalloped edges like these using a knife as well. However, it is easier and faster the carve consistent sized scallops using the u-cutters. You can see this technique demonstrated in  Carving Letters and Words video lessons.

Happy Easter Watermelon Carving with simple scalloped edge

A simple scalloped edge can be added the Happy Easter carving using a medium small U-cutter tool.

Scalloped edge detail for Happy Easter carving pattern

Here is a closer look at the simple scalloped edge that can be added using a medium small u-cutter tool

Adding a Fancier Trim

Easter bunny watermelon carving with fancy trim

You can carve additional fancy trimming on your Easter watermelon carving. These fancy jagged edged petals are an intermediate to advanced technique taught in the video lessons Melon Carving – Smooth and Jagged Petals.

Easter bunny watermelon carving close up of jagged petals

Here is a closer look at the zig-zagged edged petals.

Even if you choose not to add the additional trim to your melons, these patterns will make it simple to carve the cross, the bunny and the Happy Easter. You’ll be thrilled to display your beautiful Easter carvings at your Easter celebration.

Go ahead and order your Watermelon Carving Patterns for Easter now and we will send the digital files to your email address right away.

To get the recommended and optional tools, see the “Related products” section just below. The Pattern Transfer Fabric and Thai Pro Knife are recommended. The 13 Piece Pro Tool set is optional. If you don’t know how to carve yet, the video lessons, Carving Letters and Words are recommended. If you want to add the fancy jagged petal trim, you can learn how in Carving Melons – Smooth and Jagged Petals. You will find all of these products below.

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