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Watermelon Cakes #1 and #2

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Surprise and delight your loved ones with impressive Watermelon Cakes – a healthy alternative to ordinary cakes.


Do you have loved ones who can’t (or shouldn’t) eat cake because of health issues or dietary restrictions? Yet you want to make something cake like to celebrate a birthday or other special occasion? Or maybe you want to create a memorable special occasion “cake” that will surprise and delight your guests.

How about a beautiful watermelon cake?

Clear, easy to follow, step-by-step video lessons will show you how. We start with an easy watermelon cake and progress to an intermediate Happy Birthday cake. The third lesson shows exactly how to carve a detailed Thai style watermelon cake topped with watermelon roses. Your watermelon cakes will become the talk of your community.

My first watermelon cakes were a big hit!
Yours will be, too.

Birthday cake made from watermelon

My First Watermelon Birthday Cake made for a loved one who couldn’t eat cake because of dietary restrictions.

You may have already heard my story about how came up with the idea for my first watermelon cake. In a nutshell, we had invited a loved one over for dinner to celebrate her birthday. She had recently learned that she had cancer. In an effort to regain her health, she had immediately started a special diet that did not include cake. She could eat very few foods but she could eat fruit.

I pondered what kind of birthday cake – like dessert I could make with fruit and came up with an idea. Frank enjoying watermelon cakeI created a simple watermelon cake. Everyone got a kick out of it. It made for a sweet refreshing healthy dessert without frosting, refined sugar, butter, food coloring and other unwanted ingredients. We lit candles, sliced it, served it, and ate it like cake. Everyone loved it.

My loved one felt honored. She got to eat her “cake” instead of feeling left out and deprived. She took photos and showed them to many friends when she introduced me to them over the next few months. The success of that first cake motivated me to look around for more fruit ideas and that is when I discovered the art of fruit and vegetable carving.

“Hello Nita!
For the July 4th church picnic, I decided to make and bring two cakes. The chiffon cake with all the strawberries was not chosen by anybody!
The beautiful watermelon cake was a big hit! They have never seen this before!”
Marcy Taylor

After the success of that first watermelon cake, I came up with a few other watermelon cake ideas. The next watermelon cake that I made was for my daughter-in-law who is a marathon runner. She doesn’t eat cake and other sugary desserts when training for a marathon so on her birthday, I made another style of watermelon cake with carved roses on top.

Monique and her watermelon cake on her birthday

Watermelon cake for daughter-in-law’s birthday. Monique blowing out her candles in the restaurant where we celebrated her birthday.

What a buzz it created in the restaurant where we celebrated her birthday! Our waiter asked about the cake, the people at the tables next to us, admired it. A curious waitress from another area of the restaurant came over to see it. She was all excited to connect me to high end caterers in the area who were friends of hers who would love to buy cakes like that from me. Later when we lit the candles, that same waitress rushed over and asked if she could show our watermelon cake to her customers in another sections of the restaurant before we cut it up. All the attention that this watermelon cake got was quite amazing! But best of all, my daughter-in-law was able to enjoy her cake without ruining her runner’s diet and she felt special because I had taken the time to make this cake for her. All in all, it was another success.

Now, you can create these beautiful awe inspiring watermelon cakes for your loved ones. I will show you exactly how, step-by-step.

Here are the watermelon cakes that you will learn in this 2 DVD set.

Watermelon Cakes DVD #1

Easy watermelon cake with pineapple swagsThe first watermelon cake lesson is super easy, yet quite delightful watermelon cake. It’s perfect for beginners and for those times when you want to create a quick watermelon cake at a moments notice. This lesson is almost 17 minutes. You will be able to elaborate with your own creative embellishments to this simple watermelon cake idea. The possibilities are endless. It’s amazing to see all the original ways that students add their own unique embellishments to these easy watermelon cakes. You’ll have fun with this.

I was invited to a family reunion a week after I brought a watermelon cake. It was a big big hit I was so happy. It had them taking pictures and it was gone in no time. That is what I like that they eat and enjoy what I make.
– Marguerita from Vacaville

Watermelon birthday cake

The second watermelon cake lesson shows how to carve a HAPPY BIRTHDAY Cake with scalloped edges and carved swags on the sides – this lesson is 50 minutes with detailed step-by-step instructions showing you exactly how to create it and how to avoid some common mistakes. And this cake can be used for any other special occasion by simply changing the words on top.

“Dear Nita,
I Love your style of teaching. All the three videos are very informative. Thanks Nita you are a great teacher.
Ali Butt” – Australia

Watermelon Cakes DVD #2

watermelon cake topped with watermelon roses

This detailed carve cake is taught in lesson #3

The 3rd lesson shows step-by-step, exactly how to make this beautiful and intricate looking watermelon cake. You will learn how to make leaf like petals on the sides and carved watermelon roses and leaves on top. This complete, detailed step-by-step lesson is like taking a live class with 71 minutes of instructions. Not only will you learn to carve this cake, but you will see several variations of display ideas that will add drama to any buffet display or “cake” table.

NIta Gill with watermelon cake topped with watermelon rosesYou may think that these watermelon cakes look too difficult to do. But once you are show exactly how make them step-by-step, you will find that you CAN do it once you are shown how. In fact, the intricate looking leaf petal watermelon cake only requires 3 basic carving skills. You’ll see.

“I do have to tell you that you have renewed my excitement and love of carving. I had searched for so long for a step by step video for so long and could not find one. Then I stumble across your website and it is awesome. I love the fact that the camera zooms in on what you are doing and that you repeat what you are showing several times. Thank you Nita for making carving exciting and fun.
– Cathy Rosenthal” – Michigan

2 DVD Set with 3 Complete Lessons
Comes with online access so that you can start learning right away

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ONLINE only version with 3 Complete Lessons

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60 day money back guarantee

Here is what a few more student-customers have written to me in emails about my fruit and vegetable carving lessons.

“I was ecstatic seeing my watermelon cake published in your blog!
I shared it on Facebook right away!
I told my friends about you!
Now every time I go to a party I bring a watermelon cake. It’s always a hit! They like it because it’s a healthy dessert & a great centerpiece!
More power to you, Nita!”
– Dinah Bello

“It’s awesome what can be done with a simple watermelon. To bring a watermelon au natural to a party is just not good enough after seeing you creations and those of your students.
It never ceases to amaze me how you can give the same assignment to 20 people and 20 people will come up with 20 very distinct designs.
Will watch your video again this weekend. The photography is great and your step-by-step instructions are wonderful. I like that you share not only your successes but your snafoos as well. Telling us how to turn a mistake into a success gives us confidence.
Many years ago on a whim I made a watermelon/fruit cake for my multi-millionaire boss’ dad’s big birthday. Relatives from out of town all gathered at the restaurant and the birthday boy was prepared to just look at the usual frosting laden cake while the others ate and enjoyed. He was diabetic so for years all he could do was watch. They said his 80 year old eyes lit up when my watermelon cake was brought out and he talked about it for weeks. Even the restaurant staff were amazed. Apparently most guests “”went for”” the watermelon cake instead of the restaurant provided frosting one.
There was no salary raise for me (booo), but to have made an older person that happy just made my day and years later I’m still happy to have done it. Of course, it was no where near as fancy as the ones you make, but no one should get discouraged. If you don’t try you’ll never succeed. Your video instructions are the best and I’ll be watching the lesson over and over again.
Thanks again for the video post, photos and reader submissions.”
– Tavette

“Good morning Nita,
I have enjoyed this lesson very much , At the moment being summer in Europe, there is plenty of water melon. And family and friends do think I have special hands. Your lessons are my secret.
Yvonne” – United Kingdom

“Hi Nita…I would like to thankful to you …for Ur regular updates
…through one of Ur update idea for fruit cake….yesterday my
hubby’s birthday…n I was bored with that regular chocolate cake…
I thought …let me try it….I Went to market n buy fruits n made it…really it’s so lovely n different…everyone impressed by me with this
new innovative cake….n said it’s different n healthy cake.
Most important my husband loved it lot…
All Thx to u…jut through u…I made that.”
– Mona Bhavsar

“I love your products and will be ordering more!
Thank you again, Corey” – California

Get started right now having fun creating beautiful watermelon cakes that will surprise and delight your friends, family and guests.

2 DVD Set with 3 Complete Lessons
Comes with online access so that you can start learning right away

$39.95Add to cart

ONLINE only version with 3 Complete Lessons

$34.95Add to cart

P.S. To see the recommended tools for the Watermelon Cakes, click on the “Additional Information” tab above the words “Product Description” near the top of this page. Or, look below in the section titled, “Related Products”.

P.P.S. When you create you own watermelon cakes, send me some photos. I’d love to see them.

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Students Talk

watermelon cake by Cindy Rozich

“I love all your classes, I now have 19 of your videos. I can’t wait to get the watermelon portrait and pumpkin classes next! Oh, my family loved the chocolate covered strawberries I made them for Valentine’s Day. My Son called to tell me they were absolutely wonderful for my first attempt but I should continue to practice because they wanted more!!!!! You are an awesome teacher, thanks for everything!!!” Cindy

Cynthia Rozich - Happy Customer in Ohio
Carved watermelon display by Tzipy

“I am happy to share with you some of my latest projects, some of which you teach in your videos. The unique tea set and all other objects in the picture are all made out of fruits and vegetables. I hope you enjoy them.

The green cup is made from a mini honeydew melon, the red one from a beet, the kettle from papaya, the plates from pumpkin and turnip, the napkin from turnip.”

Tzipy Cohen

Tzipy Cohen - Professional Caterer and Fruit Carver, Israel
carved white pumpkin

“Well our Food Art day came and went and I felt it was a huge success. The employees got involved and the residents enjoyed looking at our creations.”

Diane Keegan - Virginia, USA
Yolanda Diaz and her fruit carvings

“I want to thank you for your videos and lessons, I have learned a lot. I have been carving for some time now, and I found that your lessons are very informative, I found specially helpful when you include some “mistakes” that can happen and how to fix them.” Yolanda

Yolanda Diaz - Student and Carver

I am thrilled to say that thanks to your videos & lessons, our 13 yr. old daughter was able to carve a beautiful watermelon rose with leaves. We featured it as the centerpiece in a large fruit buffet that we set up in her school’s Teacher Lounge – as a gesture for one teacher’s upcoming wedding.

We were immediately barraged with compliments and kind words about how stunning the carving was.

One of her teachers actually brought the melon into her classroom to show Sarah’s classmates what she had done! Even at the wedding, we were greeted with continued and repeated “oohs & ahhhs” of that watermelon, and how amazed everyone was that an 8th grader could be so talented!

You helped create a wonderful memory for both our daughter and us, that we will always have – and a skill for her & I that we are excited to continue developing!”


Sandra - Proud Mom
Chili pepper bouquet

“I wanted to share with you some of the carvings I did for my daughters bridal shower. Your carvings were an inspiration to my carvings. Thank you for your time.” Evelyn

Evelyn Formentera - Inspired Customer
Bouquet of leeks and carrot flowers

“I placed an order on the 30th of April this year for my first purchase of the 11 week course and my Kom Kom knife set. Well, here we are in July the 22, 2013, 3 months later, these are my creations. I also purchased the DVD with Jimmy Zhang. I thank you for all that you and Jimmy has taught in these easy to follow demonstrations. I have a brain on overload when I go into a produce shop. I look at produce in another light….I have included some of my photos for your viewing. I enjoy and love watching, simple in produce, produce come to life, under the aid of carving tools, mixed with unlimited imagination, something so beautiful. I do get the WOW’s and OMG!!!, and more with the displays. I give away most to very grateful people. And lastly, thank you for making mistakes, I learn from them….I do also, I will, and always will, learn from mine also. Kindness and Blessings to you! Sue

Susan Bettridge - Happy Customer from Australia

“I just want to thank you ever so much for the free classes. I really enjoyed them and have learned so much. It’s so much fun, I love it and you are such an amazing teacher! I will be ordering your 15 week classes soon!” 
Cindy Rozich

Cindy Rozich - Ohio
watermelon radish bouquet

I enjoyed making it . I can make it for hours and hours, it is so much fun. I bought the watermelon radish from a farmer’s market, everyone asked about it since they never seen it before.”

Fenti Le

Fenti Le - California
Jagged Edged Petals on Watermelon

“When I first saw the carving, it was overwhelming to think of carving it. But after you showed how, it’s so much easier than it seemed.” – Shannon Hull

Shannon Hull - Videographer, San Diego, CA
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  1. Ric Testani

    I have been having so much fun with these lessons. These cakes are such a great idea. I have brought these to so many different parties and also they are great hostess gifts to bring a carved cake made of fruit. Best of all they are gluten free. Everyone loves these and really enjoys these so much especially if anyone is on a diet they can have a huge slice and not worry.